Body of Hanover schoolgirl found after mom reports her missing

The lifeless body of a 10-year-old student of Esher Primary, who went missing after school ON February 1, 2023, has been found in the Kew area of Lucea, Hanover. It is believed the child, Nikita Noel, otherwise known as 'Jojo', of Kew District, was raped and strangled to death.
A 42-year-old man has been taken into custody by the police in relation to the rape and murder of Nikita 'Jojo' Noel who was found dead. The man is reportedly a close acquaintance of the girl's family.

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  1. Mommy i can hear the pain in ur voice, plz accept my deepest condolences to u n the rest of the family n the classmates n teacher of ur precious baby girl….

  2. Can’t imagine what the mother going through. I have a ten year old and right now my belly paining me. Pray for strength for the mother,and the little angel RIP.

  3. OMG this is so crazy what the hell hoppen in Jamaica 🇯🇲 tings gone from worse to worsera Jamaica 🇯🇲 need on intervention seriously hope they find this dirt bag A S A P

  4. I cried so much this morning when I heard the news on irie fm 11:45 a big dutty 42yr old man. You is a wicked man wicked wicked man

    1. @M B have you been in that situation before? You don’t know what is usual when it comes to human trauma so pls calm down. This is the foolishness that gets focus instead of the atrocity this young girl has experienced.

  5. 🤔 It is very usual for ppl suffering this kind of loss and in this manner to be so calm & collected, fixing clothing….

  6. Reminds me of the townhead double r@pe and murder (unsolved). Two girls found in cane piece. Either the driver did it or some cycle bush boy do it. Them love study/watch children also the yard cutters, usual suspects.

  7. Parents please be careful with these lil ones now a days. Please give dem a lil phone or have the taxi man call u when he’s close by and go out go meet dem. A bare devil a walk the earth now

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