Florida woman helps others after being human trafficked as a baby

Stacie Ham, her mother and her grandmother are all victims of human trafficking and now she is using her experience to help others.

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    1. @Holy Jolias No, this is being intentionally encouraged. To stop this madness we need to re-educate people & abolish porn. None of it is natural at all.

    2. @The Age of Goddess you serious? you think humanity being sick and twisted and having needs to engage in their needs no matter the cost as “unnatural”? if that’s true then you need a re-education on any establishment of a monarchy or society that’s ever existed, along with the general societal intuition that’s come from previous generations. you want to re-edcuate and abolish and that’s great but there’s ALWAYS going to be a nut that slips through the cracks, so like i mentioned, it’s not going to stop anything, it’ll just suppress it.

  1. This is way too common. I was too and I’m still waiting for justice. From the age of 2 & they breeded me & stole my children even after I thought I had escaped. They use financial & psychological abuse. This is rampant in the United States and it is intentional. Why are there so many customers? Why aren’t they arrested???

  2. They didn’t want her to share her story because she was 2yrs old and it ended at 5yrs, people are not going to see the credibility in your story for different reasons, maybe because they see the power you have and assume you should be weak.

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