Former Redsox Pitcher Daughter Gives Birth in Manchester woods, #missing Adults in Manchester

When I first started Youtube I brought attention to all the craziness that happens out here a lot did not believe me, This woman may be an adopted daughter to a former Redsox player but she is known to us as a panhandler and a homeless person. Some may call her a park person as some of the homeless in Manchester is called because they sleep in the parks. Is drug abuse and seeing people sleep in the park rare to a person living in Manchester Nh? No this is common, is it rare for neglect of children and drug use around children it seems like it is a norm and Nobody in this city is doing anything about it since Harmony Montgomery and guess they said they would reform the system all around well Sununu your still in office and we still have many issues that are present. DCYF still the same, drug abuse the same, New parents not knowing what to do the same, How many children does it take to be enough?? #Sununuwakeup #newlaws #Manchesterneedschange #manchvegas #redsocks #truecrimeyoutubers

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