Found child: 5/10/20

On Sunday afternoon, a young man found a toddler walking along a busy road in Deltona – and stayed with him until help arrived. Deputies were able to track down mom and reunite her with her baby soon after. Great job and thank you Deltona for looking out for one of your own!

This is a good reminder for all parents of toddlers: Make sure you know who's watching the kids, and make sure your doors are secure. All it takes is a few seconds and your child is headed off to explore.


    1. @Mama Tried apparently you are deaf. The cop literally said good for him and was saying how he did a good job

    1. @Shanny 09 definitely not normal to sleep during by the day and have your baby running around at a super young age unattended. Gtfoh make better choices them

    2. She might care, but she’s negligent. Make sure doors and windows have child safety mechanisms. This was the parents fault.

    3. @amayto doesn’t mean the mom gets an excuse… She didn’t make sure her kid couldn’t get out… Negligent mother!

  1. I love that they didn’t shame this mom and actually just calmed her down and gave her proper advice to prevent this from ever happening again. I was so scared their reaction was going to be different.

    1. @vi’s mattress you have a very childish and immature perspective on human error, I hope that others treat you with more kindness than you have for this mother.

    2. ​@vi’s mattress yuppppp, agreed. There was times I would fall asleep when hanging out with my nephew during the day because I worked night shifts I would take a nap, he never NEVER opened the front door, we always made sure everything was locked or I would wait till it was his nap time so he can nap with me. If you know this can happen to anyone and that this has happened before it’s common sense PRE-pare yourself it’s the safest thing to do and obviously what any parent should do and think about before taking a damn nap.

    3. ​@Ariel Sea exactly if someone is aware about the dangers outside why make this “accident” of taking a nap??? LMAO there is many solutions before having this happen. But no everyone here thinks “oh poor lady but she cares” , CLEARLY not enough to have a safety lock or at least keep an eye out while napping, it possibly won’t be a full on nap but you’ll know what your kid is up to. I’m sure they wouldn’t think of it as an accident anymore of the kid would’ve gone missing or killed 😂😂😂 these people are trying to be nice but I call bullshit

  2. Kids find a way to escape from just about anything when they’re around his age. You can tell she adores her child. So glad that 13 year old found him.

  3. Awww that little boy’s smile while he was being hugged by his mama was so heart-warming to see!

    1. I don’t know the young gentleman on the bike but he’ll be an excellent man, an excellent father, and deserves every single good thing in his future <3

    2. Neighbors call him Nemo 😄Dunno his legal name but he moved with his parents in January of this year, and I just happened to move with my mom last year in March. I agree though, good kiddo indeed

    3. Probably already has little siblings he’s used to looking out for if he was so quick to want to follow the baby.

  4. He was so cute and smiley with his mom. Completely oblivious as to how scared she was.. and she just kept kissing and hugging him. I hope they’re doing good, what a sweet caring mother. He clearly is being loved 💗

    1. @Lukas The Dark Yeah, because they don’t deserve a token over one tiny little thing they did. For every good thing a cop does, there’s five bad things. All cops are bastards.

    2. @Gremlin Jerky No, I never have time for TV. Cops are not like this. Touch grass and you’ll have a cop try to interact with you.

    3. @Antisocial Al to engage with you would be a waste of time, nothing I say will change your mind, let’s just agree to disagree and move on

  5. Damn seeing some people in the comments saying that she should have her kid taken away clearly don’t understand how HARD it is to care for a kid. This is a loving mother who was extremely tired and fell asleep she likely never thought her kid could escape (who would?) And was MORTIFIED when she realized what happened my respect and love goes out to her. Also as a child who snuck out at 5 years old its rarely the parents fault they do what they can but cannot predict or prevent every little thing.

    1. Exactly kids are crazy and will do whatever they want. Them saying that is basically saying if you’re not a perfect parent you should have him taken away which is ridiculous

    2. I remember I did something similar when I was 5. I just remember walking out of the house like nothing and just wanted to leave. I’ve done it many times. Unexpectedly without thought. As if my family never existed. Lol there was nothing bad happening and mother always watched after me. But I somehow just waltz myself out somehow.

  6. the genuine joy in his voice when he finds out a 13 year old found him, this is a guy who’s genuinely happy doing the right thing and seeing it done by others.

  7. I can relate. When my son was around 2, I put him and my brand new baby down for a nap. Miraculously they both fell asleep. I took the chance to catch some sleep too. I woke up later and went to check on the boys. My oldest wasn’t in his bed. I called his name and started checking around the house. Every second getting more and more panicked. After checking the whole house I ran outside screaming his name. Then I saw a neighbor walking up the street holding his hand. Apparently, he had gone into her back yard and was playing with her sons toys. She was furious and berated me for being so careless. She walked away screaming at me that I was lucky she wasn’t calling CPS. I went in the house and cried for an hour. I felt like the worst mother ever. Now looking back, I’m pissed. Every Mom has a story like that! I’m glad she saw my son and walked him home. But, the way she screamed at me was awful.

    1. @publicanimal It doesn’t really matter if she does or doesn’t. The point is that this can happen to anyone, even people who think they’re being careful, even people who love their children and want them to be safe and have taken every reasonable precaution.

    2. Jeez, what an awful neighbour. The only charitable thing I can say about her is that she clearly wanted your son to be safe, just like you did. But that behaviour towards you wasn’t okay.

  8. You can tell the kid really broke out . She was surprised her door was wide open and tried checking the door before she even knew he was gone .

  9. The way her voice cracked when he asked her “is this ur son?” and she said “yes, why?” she was ready for the worst😭 aww poor baby~ that was a tough one. hope they’re both happy and healthy!

    1. Yeah poor mama 😢 he should’ve led by telling her everything was okay. I can’t imagine the panic and guilt she felt.

  10. True story: I found a toddler wandering around on the street in college and returned him to the nearest house (belonging to a professor). I was very judgemental on the inside about it. Ten years later, someone showed up at my front door with my 2 year old who had wandered out the same way. I have never been so terrified and humbled in my life.

    1. @Grant17 Haha. Right? What kind of parent has a toddler wander away from the house? Every parent. That’s who.

    2. @gellisbarberREALLY? Is that what you tell yourself? Nope. It doesn’t happen as often as you think, not when you’re an attentive parent

  11. You can tell she loves her kid more than anything. I can’t imagine waking up and being asked if your kid is missing when you thought he was in his room 😭 So glad they were reunited. Hope they’re both happy and safe!

  12. It was about 8years ago. I woke up one morning to find my 5 year old daughter gone. The backdoor was open and she was nowhere in sight. We lived near a train track too and our fence was broken. Ugh the panic. Everything, every possible worse scenario was racing through my mind. I wanted to throw up, but also felt like someone was strangling me. My heart racing like no other. My husband and I desperately searching, yet feeling so lost. We had no idea how long she had even been gone for. We called 911, and I am still so grateful to this day for the kind woman who found her. See, my daughter loved m&Ms and chocolate milk. And we would frequently walk to our local gas station a few streets down. (You could see it from my house). She woke up that morning, put her little shoes on, and decided to go get herself a treat. She told me, “Don’t be mad, I looked both ways.” Something I always told her to do. We immediately went out and bought those child proof door knob things. It was definitely a mistake, and I’m so grateful that it wasn’t one I would regret for eternity. And then I knew how my own father felt when I did something similar (which is a whole other story) anyways, sorry for the rant, video just brought up a lot of those old feelings.

    1. “She woke up that morning, put her little shoes on, and decided to go get herself a treat. She told me, ‘Don’t be mad, I looked both ways.'”
      The child thought process defined 😂Kids are so funny. I’m so glad she didn’t get hurt!
      And when you think about it, you always telling her to look both ways, enough that it stuck that much in her mind, might be part of the reason she was okay! You taught her something that helped her be safe even when you weren’t there. So I think in a way you did protect her that day!

  13. I’ve seen multiple cases of child neglect and this mother obviously loves and cares for her child compared to the other ones

    1. @IdleHawk I agree. She should be much more cautious (I.e making sure your kids not outside/doors and windows are locked) or at least find a way to not let a goddam one year old just leave the house. Learning moment indeed. No matter how tired she is.

    2. @The Fast Commenter I’m sure they have child proof locks on their doors now. We can just be grateful that nothing happened to him and I’m sure his mom learned from this and is so grateful he’s safe.

    3. I’ve seen other videos where child neglect led to kids running away and the parents don’t even care that their children, sometimes only toddlers, were wandering off on their own, even walking in to the road in the middle of the night when it’s pitch black. And the parents don’t care. This mom on the other hand was heartbroken and mortified, she definitely cares about her child I’m sure she’ll be more careful now. It’s too bad she didn’t have any older children to watch the kid while she was oversleeping. Could have prevented this.

  14. 1:48 I can imagine how overwhelming it might be to have an officer at your door and then they seriously talk about a little boy. You don’t know if the boy got kidnapped, hurt, killed… she must have had a million thoughts in her head in that moment

  15. The way she started running to her sons room was heartbreaking for me 😭 You can tell how much she cares for her son ❤

  16. Reminds me of my brother…every child proof thing we got, he broke within a couple hours. He was always very tall and much stronger than kid his age usually was so if he wanted to go, by either sheer, dumb luck or brute force, he was going. We had a hard time keeping him contained and taking him anywhere; even just up the street, was a Herculean task in and of itself. It only takes a second for a kid to see a chance to escape and they’ll take it.

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