‘I got ‘em!’: Bodycam video captures moment police discover 3 children lost in woods

The rescue early Friday in Montgomery was captured in part on body camera video. In the video, a deputy is seen calling out to the children, who were accompanied by a volunteer who had found the trio.


  1. Volunteer says “y’all wouldn’t let me in over there last night so I went around and searched all night” credit goes to that man for the effort he put forth. 👏

    1. @Pamela Morris you literally just watched a video of cops telling a man he couldn’t search, but don’t believe the man telling you

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    3. @jsus fortyi Your parents were lying when they said “we’ll be back in an hour we love you” cus they still ain’t back 12 years later

  2. The volunteer who found those 3 babies is a hero. He was out there all night looking for them and then had to tell the officer to give the little one a jacket. He was so tender hearted. THANK YOU SIR. THANK YOU LORD.

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  3. As a member of a search team I have a pretty good hunch of what went through his mind when he found those kids. That’s what it’s all about.

    1. @Rusty Mr So they shouldn’t be thanked for their, often volunteer, search and rescue work? You sir are an absolute clown🤡

    2. I wish to know what happened to them maybe they tried to escape from a crazy house??? I hope they have a loving caring parents waiting for them to celebrate this day.

    1. @Elissa because they are lost in the woods lol, they could’ve fell and hit their head or ran into some wildlife.

    2. @Elissa they could’ve starved, fell and broke something, got a bad cut that got infected, been attacked by wildlife… A number of things can kill you in the woods

    3. 3 days without water
      they dead.
      wildlife could kill em depending where they are. In America they have cougars in the woods.
      any stranger could take them
      they dead
      loads of reason why they could die
      but the main reason is – water , a few days without that , they’ll die

  4. I love how he keeps it light, like it’s all a fun game, so the kids don’t get freaked out and overwhelmed. If I had been the one to find them I probably would have cried and tried to carry them all out at the same time lol which is why I’d be a terrible rescuer.

    1. @Peter Rose I’m aware, friend. I’ve been on youtube since it launched, and have gotten randos replying to comments that are decades old. Doesn’t stop me from wondering why none of you stop to look at the comment’s date lol

    2. same, i’d ugly cry on my knees or smth, its pretty cathartic to know its over and they’re safe and smth worse didn’t happen.

    3. Once it’s written, it is there for anyone who sees the video, why so pressed about being replied to? If you wouldn’t want replies, you wouldn’t write comments. That’s how YT works.

  5. Not only did the volunteer continue to search and save them after being told no. He also encouraged the officer to give up his jacket and kept those kids in good spirits the whole way. That man is a true hero with a heart of gold.

  6. I love watching this video, always makes me smile. “I’m trying” such a sweet kid. I bet he took care of them the entire night.

  7. As a kid in rural ohio i have gotten lost once or twice in the woods with my siblings, and im glad to see people out here taking care for these kids the same way they did for us when they found us

    1. At least the parents teach them about the surroundings; the woods, the terrains, the weather, the wild animals, the first aid to find help if they get lost & if possible teach them how to read the map (on paper or smart phone)! I started teaching my son about tourist attraction’s map since he was 4. He’s quite aware of the surroundings at a very young age. He’s 15 now. He starts going hiking to the woods with his friends. He’s better in direction than his father!

    2. Agree in rural life its easy to be lost in a forest. Most rural ppl know that about 6 feet off the main track if you look around you its just bush and trees. From there many ppl (kids inclusive) walk in one direction only to become more lost in the forset. And then there’s the added problem of walking in a straight line isn’t straight at all, its very easy toi do a big curve when you are thinking you’re going straight. All trees tend to look the same.

      Since I have been lost in a few forests from being so adventourous, I need to inform others how I got out.
      However if you understand that recue will eventually be called, then its well known just to stay where you are and eventually be found. But lone bush ppl may not have that luxury ie No one is coming to find you.

      How I got out of (quickly) being lost in a forest, is by doing the following.
      Find a landmark, big tree, stream of water, or something that is very distinct from other things.
      Pick 1 direction. Walk 500 feet (can be less) in that direction only, then upon finding nothing new then walk exactly back.
      Upon returning to your landmark, walk 500 feet the opposite way (same deal, finding nothing – return)
      Then do the other 2 sides one at a time.

      NOTE: All this takes time, as afternoon approaches stay calm, and take note of any place that may be your sleeping area that night. All campers know that you can NOT wait until early evening to arrive at your camping spot, because from around 7:30pm onwards, no Sun in the sky means its pitch black in a forest!

      After all 4 directions yielded nothing. Then you start again, this time walking a thousand feet in each direction and returning exactly to your landmark each time. Thus you are expanding your perimiter.
      After all 4 directions again yields nothing, start again, but this time 1500 feet in each direction and return.

      No one told me this method, when your adrenelin is high and survival kicks in, you do in fact think of some idea that may work. Some people say follow a stream of water, but as a bush walker be aware many parts on sides of creeks are:
      1. Dangerous due to snakes, wild animals, etc.
      2. Inaccessible. Can be cliffs, or such thick bush that will take a mile to get around!
      Thus I don’t like the idea of following streams/rivers.

      I was lost so did my 4 directions method. It was getting to late afternoon (not good) all this walking and doubling back takes time. I have found its usually on the 2nd round (of longer distance) and usually the last direction on that round!! (so irritating) you find the track/path or: so called, civilization! Which is extremely relieving.

      Maybe others will find this a dumb method? (or dumb because its happened a few times to me).
      But again, you city folk need to be aware: Maybe even 3 feet off the main track, if you look back the track is missing or out of view. It is extremely easy to be lost in a forest. Many ppl walk off the track, its common, even if you think its dumb, humans do this. Therefore any idea on getting back is a good idea.

    1. Why argue? Thank Gid to all who helped and thank god for those who didnt give up. Thank you to all the non- corrupt who serve, and get a bad rep because of those who are corrupt. Many thanks and Respect to you from me

  8. Lets give the kids some respect for holding it down and staying together i bet they made it thru the night because they had each other.

    1. @Shelby Seelbach You actually can mate, I pray you never get lost lol. “Nah i’ll be fine, can’t die in 1 night.”

    2. @idk her Did you know YouTube sends notices when someone comments and you don’t actually have to sit and watch and wait. About ten minutes over three months, maybe. Who doesn’t have time. How stupid can you get. SMH.

  9. If my siblings and I were lost in the woods, we would have freaked out and been a mess. These are the most chill kids ever..🤣❤️ Glad that man found them. I love it that their family had a good outcome.

  10. How in the world did the kids get lost in the woods? Would love to hear how it happened. Glad they were found & r ok. The officer was good with them & thanks to the volunteer that searched all night & found them

  11. That little boy stole my heart when he said, I’m doing the best I can, thank you to all of you who searched for and found
    These kids & brought them to safety

  12. “You got cheeseburgers in your car?” The fact that he stayed – searched- found them- protected them- saved them- and then gets right on to ask the officer for food for them AND makes the cop give up his jacket because “look at his hands” & thanks GOD !??!!
    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that man is pure and has a heart of gold 🧡 GOOD JOB TO THAT MAN & and props to the officer for helping but the real hero is the MYSTERY man because I don’t see the credit he deserves

    1. God allowed them to get lost 🙂
      Also didn’t let them choose whether to be born or not, to which parents, in which era, at what location 🙂 No free will 🙂

  13. Damn, the way the volunteer guy is acting like it’s just a fun adventure is so wholesome. Those kids are lucky to have his help

  14. As a father, I can’t imagine how horrendous this must be for the parents! But I can imagine the enormous gratitude they must of had for that man who stayed out all night and found them. He must feel great and he should do. What a hero

  15. That volunteer is everything great about humanity. He kept the kid’s spirits up even though he was exhausted (you can tell half way through the video). So happy all this ended well.

  16. People that sacrifice life and limb to rescue lost people and expecting nothing in return are some of the best people out there. Really amazing they exist.

  17. The volunteer did a great job keeping the kids’ spirits high. They seem like a chill bunch but I’m sure his presence also calmed them

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