SOLVED 21 Year Old Missing Persons Case (Erin Foster & Jeremy Bechtel)

We found two missing teenagers in there car underwater. They have been missing for over 20 years in Sparta, Tennessee.

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Searching For Missing Grandma:
Strange Package Found:
Stolen weapon found in river
Expensive gun found underwater

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    1. @Jody  true, the one thing I noticed though is when Jeremy dove on it it was wheels up and windows up. When it came out of the water there were no windows. Maybe the divers cleared any bones that were out. My guess those 2 divers were police so I am sure they did everything needed to clear the crime scene.

    2. @nate9696 you know..That is a possibility. I’d just thought they would have got the car out of the water while everything was secured then processed its. None the less.. they were found and finally closer for the family

    3. @Jody I’m not 100% sure but I would like to think they went in with body bags and removed the skeletal remains before touching the car

    4. @Melissa McClain When Jeremy was going around the car , I noticed how deep that car was buried after 21 years , don’t know how much was in the car , The tow com. was using the truck use for a semi . to get the car out . That could have twisted the frame enough to pop the windows , when they were only using 2 lift points . After the car was pulled out ,the 2 divers went back to check for anything that may have come out of the car . Before the truck left with the car , I noticed a tarp over the car . So I think the remains were still in the car .

  1. Heart wrenching for the families who never had answers for over 20-years, and because of your persistence, can now begin the healing process. You’re an amazing man Jeremy with an incredibly supportive family who miss you dearly while away on these searches, giving of your time to help a family in need. Proud of you.

  2. Good work brother. Even if this was the only one you ever did it would be amazing but guys like you keep serving and finding the answers for the heartbroken.

    1. @FlowMec Go Repent, now, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Israel is restored, there is NOTHING else to be done but for God to gather his elect. You could die today, it happens lots of times after God reaches after people one last time.
      “From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.””
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭4:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    2. It got really dusty in here a moment ago. God bless you for bringing even a small degree of succor to the families.

  3. Its terrifying to me that you could go missing in 10 feet of water and your family never know what happened to you. Thank you for bringing the families some sort of closure.

    1. @Stephanie snider the police searched the other end of the river closer to the party then were known to have attended, they didn’t search this end of the river since it’s closer to the girls home. And this guy only searched and found them after being given new info from the local sheriff.

    2. @Stephanie snider people need to understand LEOs are human DNA doing the same job everyday make you numb to the intricate details, normally that’s what detectives or investigators are suppose to do.

      As a fan of missing 411 I know when they have searched dand exhausted all options these cases are sad because LEO either didn’t try enough or probably just wrote it off as something else and half assed the search. This should be a warning for everybody, law enforcement is only human you must take your own safety precautions.

    3. @Batmans Dad I didn’t think of that and how haunting that must be that they’ve probably driven along that road many times. Can you imagine if they’ve littered in that water like thrown an empty can, meanwhile not knowing that’s been their children’s “resting place” all these years.

  4. What a crazy contrast to some of the adventures with purpose videos I’ve seen where the police are annoyed and confrontational, you can tell how much this sheriff cares about his people, amazing job.

  5. I’ve watched this video several times. Not only because it’s such a moving and dramatic event, but because it’s told in a straightforward and heartfelt way. It’s perfectly edited. Excellent job Jeremy.

    1. You are completely correct! It was done eloquently and succinctly!! To my knowledge, Jeremy was the best person to find them.

  6. I have so much admiration for you. Not only did you find them by yourself, but you also dove out by yourself which could be a little risky. The police and his crew were very nice, polite and appreciative. They’re finally going home! R.I.P. Erin and Jeremy! 😇🙏🏽😇🙏🏽

  7. “They’re missing over 20 years. They’re going home.” That line, with that music and pictures…what a beautiful ending for a such sad story. May they rest in peace.

    1. @Mr. BLACKHAWK Yikes, “rotting carcasses” to describe the bodies of two young people who lost their lives sounds harsh and insensitive 🥴.

    2. @MissKay It’s far from meant that way. I kissed my Grandma before she died, I couldn’t see it being “her” after she died. Sure, treat the remains with respect, but so help me, it feels like saying that “I am a car” just if I sit in it.

  8. It’s amazing they were right there all along and no one found them. 10 ft under water doesn’t sound like much but hid them for 20 years.. wow. I hope their families and community can finally come to some kind of peace knowing they were found. Y’all do such a wonderful job and help bring the lost home to their grieving families. God bless y’all!!🙌🙌🙌🙏

  9. This one hit me really hard. I was exactly their age in 2000. They had their whole life ahead of them. They looked like kids I would have gone to school with… I’ve lost a lot of loved ones in car accidents since then, and each time it happens it’s always a shock. My middle school sweetheart passed away in a car accident too.. crazy to think about how much potential we all had back then and didnt realize it. I hope these kids rest in peace, and that their families recieve blessings beyond anything they could imagine.. I send my love out to them.

    1. Same here. Class of 2001! My friend drove a car that looked just like that one. Sad they were right there the whole time in 10ft of water. So glad the families have some closure and they can be laid to rest peacefully

    2. @Holly Butler Yes, thank God they have closure now. Some people never get that, and it hurts my heart.

  10. Is the family aware you’re searching for them? I can’t imagine what it would feel like to think everyone gave up and stopped searching… except for this ONE guy, this ONE stranger… what a shock. A bitter sweet shock.

  11. This was so awesome. I love that he greeted you with a hug. I remember when they went missing but never heard much after that. This was surreal. Terrific job!

  12. Not gonna lie, but when the police officer walked up with arms open, I felt a little hope for humanity. Great job guys. Love brought them home

  13. When that officer hugged you, my heart just broke! You just know that case would have haunted him to the grave ,had they not been found! You sir, are a hero in the purest form! ❤

  14. I know this brought answers and healing to the families, but I also saw multiple LEOs who where grateful that you brought them home before they retired! This case has eluded them for 20 years.
    Great job Jeremy!

  15. I only recently came across this genre of video. Between you, AWP, Chaos Divers and Heavy D my belief that there are still a lot of selfless people in this country is getting stronger. Thank you for everything you do in helping these families bring their loved ones home. It’s nice to know that God forbid I should ever need your services you would be there. You are amazing!! Keep up the great work. It has not gone unnoticed.

  16. I re-watch this whenever I’m feeling down, and it restores my hope that people are ultimately good, and want to help their fellow man. Thanks again, Nug.

    1. Can you explain that when you dove on the car the windows were up, but when the car is pulled out no windows seem to be in the car at all? Did the front windshield break when bringing car up? We’re they taken out of car before you brought it up? @exploringwithnug

  17. All the law enforcement and emergency personnel should always welcome you guys with open arms. Your volunteering your time to help them close cases. I’m a Tennessean and used to drive through Sparta a lot in the 90s and 2000s. I vaguely remember this and am thankful you found them for their families

  18. We have a grandma missing here in Minnesota. We know she is in water somewhere but the route she took there are hundreds of potentials. She has been missing for 20 years. I have seen her husbands car around town with a handmade sign that says “what happened to grandma”. It breaks my heart. Excellent job, and your editing was spot on. Thank you very much.

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