LOST Children at Bondi Beach

Distraught parents, crying kids and frantic searches as the lifeguards search for lost children at Bondi Beach. Part 2 👉
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Contents of this video:

00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Missing 3-year-old
03:29 – Son lost in translation
06:22 – JENNIFER!
09:34 – Lost child not won over by Harries
12:30 – Girl feared lost between flags

Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, #lostkids shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.

In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.

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  1. Imagine how scary it would be to think that your son is drowning but not be able to speak the same language as the lifeguards

    1. @Fiqhi Firmansyah they actually teach kids english at a young age now. It actually makes me feel kinda selfish since America doesn’t do that :/

  2. The first little boy sounded so sweet, “Where are you? We’ll find you – I’m sure he’s ok,” 🙂 I’m happy he found his little brother.

  3. Here in Rio, when someone spots a confused lost child, we put them on our shoulders and everybody around starts clapping hands until the parents are found or are directed to the sound of clapping. It usually works really well.

    1. What if it isn’t a child but a dwarf you mistaken for a child? I can see this go badly if you just put a dwarf on your shoulders and start clapping your hands 🤔🤔

    1. Im a twin and my brother got lost at a beach and after 2 hours and couldn’t find him and my mom was fainting
      I was walking with a cop and during the whole time I was calm and we eventually did find him in a hole he was digging with other kids
      I jumped in and started helping him

  4. When I was a kid there literally nothing scarier than turning around and realizing you can’t see your parents. You’re just in this pool of towering adults, and you feel so helpless.

    1. You have this mini heart attack and floods of thoughts of what could happen start piling into your head it’s awful

  5. Crazy to see the difference in the mothers. Some are so distraught they’re physically ill, and some get the energy boost of their lives darting around the beach like a grasshopper.

  6. Nobody will understand the mind-numbing fear that a parents goes through the moment they realize their child is gone, unless you have been through it yourself. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy (if I had one)

  7. I felt so bad for Yatsey in that last clip. For a lifeguard the thought of missing a drowing must just be awful, but a child especially would be horrific. You could really see how agitated he was. What a relief she was safe.

  8. These life guards are amazing at locating people, I can’t even imagine pin pointing one person in a beach of hundreds of people, they deserve so much more praise. also as someone who was able recognized the language when the korean kid came up it was a bit frustrating lol- Also was kind of waiting for them to pull out there google translate and try every language 🤣

    1. The episode with the little boy actually happened in 08 or 09. Google translate wasn’t as well known or reliable. Such a useful tool we have now.

    2. @Digitalpickles Ohhh I see! I didn’t even take the time to look at the date this was produced- Made sense, glad for the attempt though, props to the life guards.

  9. This is why it’s so so SO important to be able to recognize languages. You don’t need to speak them, but just recognizing the language can save lives.

    1. It’s not society’s responsibility to learn all the planet’s languages incase someone visits your country and has an emergency.
      It’s the individual’s responsibility to learn the basics of the language of the country they’re visiting.

    2. @JennH of course, but it’s good to get a rough idea of the language, although the traveler should probably know how to tell them

  10. What I learned from this video is how important it is as a tourist visiting a country, to speak at least some emergency sentences, that people who are willing to help you, have a better chance of helping you.

  11. The Jennifer clip will never get old 😂 I get that it’s a scary situation, but my GOD! That woman has a set of lungs on her 🤣

  12. Helping those who cannot help themselves. This is what the lifeguards are doing. I have the utmost respect for them.

  13. Them racing the buggies after finding Manny was so wholesome. They didn’t let the kids know how scary the situation could have ended up.

  14. This has quickly become my favorite thing to watch. I love how down to earth and sweet all the lifeguards are 💙

  15. The brother in the beginning stayed really chill, he did not get scared by what was happening or because of his mothers stress.
    Respect to that little dude.

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