Missing 411

Based on the books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America accross multiple decades. A real-life horror story for those involved, the film examines each case from multiple perspectives in an attempt to shed light on the unsettling topic. Les Stroud of Survivorman and Obama-appointed, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar are both interviewed for their insight into the topic, as are the families who have fallen victim to tragedy.


  1. My son hid from me under a rack of clothing in a store at a large mall, once. He was just playing but I thought I was going to die. I’ve never felt such anxiety. I couldn’t find him for about four minutes but it felt like hours and I was shaking all over. I don’t know how these parents survived.

    1. @AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair I get that…These kids don’t understand what that does to mom or who ever is watching them…

    2. This comment just proves & shows how parents & adults don’t pay enough attention & if they’re not old enough they should probably be in the cart in front of you or next to you holding hands at all times. Idk how that’s so complicated it’s a child not your adult friend or teenager. They should have eyes on them all the time, anyone with a normal IQ knows anything could happen especially out in public places, all it takes is a few seconds.

    3. “My son hid from me under a rack of clothing” Apparently I did this with my mother at a Sears Roebuck. I was too little to remember if there were consequences but my mother said I had a big grin on my face because little me thought I was so clever. She was worried sick.

  2. The most disturbing part of the movie was learning national parks don’t keep data on missing persons. The way the director of national parks responded when asked about the missing persons data with his DC side step lawyer response was predictable. I will never understand why those are the type of people we have in important posisitions all over the country.

    1. Has anyone heard the story or “conspiracy” Roosevelt made a deal with the aliens to let them hunt us for tech?

  3. So two fisherman see a three year-old, on his own, asking about bears, and they don’t think to make sure he’s not lost?? Inconceivable.

    1. @Andrew C there dies seem to be a higher intelligence out there, I’ve watched dave paulides from the beginning and he’s on to something

      His latest DVD looks really good
      Good reviews ,, people are listening to this guy, something out there is taking
      These folks ,, I truly believe it , it sounds crazy but look at all the info paulides
      Puts out there its unreal,,

      Dave’s buddies are involved as well
      And these guys are smart, there not
      Just throwing some bullshit at ya
      These are intelligent people ,
      It’s the mother of all mysteries,

      The fbi in some cases won’t even give dave information when he uses the foia
      How dies the fbi get away with that?

      Or they will say for 75grand we will give you the information, what?? I’d lose it
      On them,,,, they don’t care though
      It’s sad our govt is so shady

    2. @I’m Going Supersonic Maybe it had just happened, and 5 feet isn’t that high off the ground. You ever think of that, hotshot?

  4. Can you imagine holding your son’s cranium in your hands knowing that’s all that’s left of him? Jesus, that’s harsh. I really feel for Jaryd’s father.

    1. If you have read the bible at all you would know Satan is the ruler over the world horrible things happen the followers of Christ actually died the most horrific ways but they will forever live in peace just open your minds this is not the Lord’s doing

    2. @Christina Taber I became a born again Christian very shortly after the above post, I agree with everything you said.

  5. I think many people don’t realize how easy this can happen. My family goes to the arboretum multiple times a year and when my daughter was 3 she would sometimes want to stay and play in certain areas, even when it was time to leave. So my husband and I had this trick that worked very well. What we would do is turn around and yell we are leaving now. Usually this would be enough for my daughter to come on. Well one time we did it and when we turned back around to see if she was coming, she was gone. We didn’t walk away we didn’t even wait. Literally we just turned around, yelled we are leaving and looked back to where she was. Turned out she ran to what she thought was us, but it was another couple. When she realized it wasn’t us, she just kept walking. It takes seconds, not minutes to lose track of a child. We ended up finding her after about 5-10 minutes of frenzied searching, but it was the scariest and longest moment of my life.

    1. @CROW _G are you a parent? And if so, are you a perfect parent who’s never made any mistakes as a parent that you would’ve done differently?
      Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house brother.

    2. I would carry little lollipops in my pockets when my kids were little…when they didn’t want to leave the store, or the playground, or a friend’s house, or whatever else…I would bribe them with DumDums!

  6. I’m not saying they did anything to little Deorr. However, the fact that her own mother even THOUGHT for a second that her daughter could have something to do with the disappearance of her grandson….I feel like that’s telling. If my child was missing there is NO WAY my mother would ever need to ask me if I did something to them.

  7. I’m young. No kids, don’t want kids either but for the children that have been under my supervision, they don’t leave my side. If they’re not holding my hand, they are walking directly in front of me. Where I go, the kid goes. Where the kid goes, I go. If a kid is under my supervision, I never assume they’re safe unless I’m watching them. I can’t imagine the agony everyone felt or still feels. I feel so bad for the kids and their families. It’s one thing to lose a family a member but to lose them with no answers, that’s gotta be nothing short of devastating if the pain can be described at all.

    1. That’s a means nothing coming from someone who has never actually had a kid and just babysits a few times and think it’s easy to have kids but not knowing what happens the other 18+ hours

    2. I don’t know the pain and don’t ever want to to as far as not wanting kids my advice ro you is when you Fer older that’ll be one of the top things you’ll think about wellvat keast NY bloodline is going on my little branch of the family tree isn’t going to stop with me but if you don’t you’ll regret not having a child with the right women obviously I know sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the right one from the one that you leave the var with at 3am don’t get me wrong I know you can meet her there I mean your there so your mate may be there but anyway you’ll regret it as your looking back on tmyour life at about 60 or so. Plus if you want to experience true love have your baby in your arms at about a year old and have them look you in ghe eye and know that kid doesn’t live you fir ant other reason that you make him feel safe loved and protected and safe. But that look of true live nit because how much money you what kind of car you drove the house you live in no none of those that look is because they truly love you and when it hits you your puddy in hid hand you’d lay your life down for him and these nothing you wouldn’t do for their well being and safety. So if your under 50 or so have a child elite me when your old you’ll know you made the right choice you might even think all this be abuse I listened to a random dude on you tube but it is what it is good luck.

    3. @Kaylee West girl that child doesn’t care if your flat broke driving a moped and working at the corner store as a pan handler if you ever wa t to experience true love. Hold your child at about I e years d and gave rhem give you that look and in that moment you’ll finally know wharmt true love is and from that day forward you’ll do anything for that child even if it meant your death you’d still gladly do and that is the truth so at 32 your clicks ticking so don’t let slip away. Good luck 👍 💓 as far as the guy. Take the hand of that dude that works and has worked for a good good while but he has the lonely Keyes that say I’d I just had the one my 7th rib was made with I’d be fine. Truth 💯 💯

    4. This is pretty much what I do with my 20 month old, and everyone calls me ‘way too overprotective’ and make fun of me for how much I watch over him. But I don’t care one bit, because I know that if anything happened to him I would die, and if I didn’t die I would want to.

  8. The disappearance of poor Jaryd is so frustrating. The idea that anyone would take their eyes off of a toddler in the woods for any extended period of time is baffling, nice going Christian Singles. Then there were the two fishermen who talked to Jaryd that didn’t seem concerned at all that a small unsupervised child approached them in the forest. They didn’t even think to stay with him or help him search for his group. The negligence of all adults on the trail that day is infuriating. I can’t imagine how his father must have felt; “He’s okay, we just can’t find him.” Absolutely disgraceful.

    1. So.ething is weird and wrong with little man’s disappearance. None of the adults act right because they don’t want to be charge with child indangerment or neglect. I really think some type of wild cat got him or something like a bear.

    2. Who tf let’s their like 3yo go up a mountain with a group of total strangers that were there specifically to focus on the opposite sex? As a father, I would’ve never in a million years let that happen. The Dad is responsible for letting that happen, period. As much as that hurts, he failed to protect his son.

    3. Who the heck let’s their three year old go hiking without them? I know the parents are suffering but why?!?!?!? Shame on all the adults involved including the fisherman for seeing a young kid and not trying to find the parents.

  9. Those who like MrBallen’s channel and David Paulides’s work may enjoy a book called “Disappearance: A Map,” which focuses on “strange, dark and mysterious” happenings in Alaska. Very good, creepy, well-written book.

  10. So let me get this straight, some fisherman saw and spoke with Jaryd and never questioned what a 3 year old was doing alone in the wilderness? That’s extremely suspect!

    1. Most of these cases have that in common including the Rocky Mountain NP case way back when The camp counselor was the last to see that deaf little boy . I mean hello of course he knew something he knows that park very wll

    2. @marksasoldier I’ve seen quite a few young kids at rivers while fishing and been baffled to not see parents close by. I keep an eye out to make sure they don’t drown while they are there but I’ve never followed them back to make sure they got back to their parents. 3 is quite young though so I can only hope I would have realized what was going on 😬

  11. I gotta say, deorr’s mom didn’t sound calm to me on the 911 call. I recognize that trembling voice as one of barely-held-back panic. When you feel the panic rising and starting to close off your throat but you’re trying not to freak out and trying to hold back the fear and convince yourself it’s going to be fine.

    1. I agree! She did NOT sound calm! You can b freaking out inside n not scream or b crying out!! Not to mention we are all different and we all handle things differently!! ✌🏼🧡

    2. @thefuzz457 ​ ​ But here you are! You started this “argument” and haddddd to have the last word too! Like my little brother. Being playful. But I def think comparing an opinionated YouTube comment to the Alex Jones trial is a little extra. Sure, the comment was obnoxious, but we know he doesn’t have a clue what happened. I’m not sure how I feel about this case. I do find it very odd to mislead an investigator and keep your missing son out of the spotlight. I’d do all I can to remind everyone in the world who my missing child was and to be on the lookout, no?

    3. @Earl Awesome hell yes! Hell to the fkn yes. I agree completely. If anything, she’s trying to sound shocked instead of apathetic. They fed their kid to that freak or killed him themselves. I don’t think he was ever at that park.

    4. The mom didn’t sound calm. If you listen to her voice the panIc Is there. She just wasn’t hysterical. I have been through a lot of trauma. I Compartmentalize and when that kind of situation happen such as calling for an ambulance for my husband who was barely breathing from covid, I wasn’t hysterical. I wasn’t emotionless but I was able to talk calmly. I have never had a child go missing, maybe I would be different, but who knows. It’s best not to judge. None of us were there.

  12. The story about Jared is the most heart wrenching story I’ve ever heard. I keep thinking about the father and the horror he must of felt. I’m sure he’s had to deal with allot of anger also!!

  13. When I was about 6-7, my family took a vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks to camp. One morning, my sister and I had woken up earlier than my parents and decided to take a little stroll on our bikes. We went further than we thought (almost 2.5 miles) and got lost in an unfamiliar part of the state park. We were very fortunate to be found by a older woman in her soccer mom suv and taken back to our camper. My parents had called the park ranger and were ready to call the police but luckily we were returned before that happened. I can’t remember too much about that day, but I vividly remember feeling safe and secure with that woman. I hope she’s well whenever she is.

    1. Imagine you might not be here if it wasn’t for the women. You would be part of the 411 club. Messed up.

  14. I LOVE the work D.P. does. That being said, I think they may have jumped the gun on the Deorr case. Further research into what’s known about this case seems to lean further and further into the parents, which this documentary DOES give you a whiff of if you pay attention. Pay close attention to the letter shown in this doc from the P.I……he’s the 1st P.I…..they have employed 3 as of this time, the 2nd one, Klein, was a LOT less circumspect about his opinion. Further, after the parents split and moved away, police searched the place they lived and found the jacket this people claim deorr was wearing when he disappeared, as well as some toys they claimed he had in his possession. And then there is the continuously changing stories of the parents, but not gramps or Issac…….including them BOTH failing 4 seperate polygraphs. 1 fail, ok…2…maybe…but FOUR?

  15. I find it strange that there was not a speck of noise or screams from these children at the time of disappearance. My heart goes out to the families.

    1. Before watching this video I was watching one like this about missing older people. They also disappeared mysteriously, without making a sound. No clothes, no trail, nothing. So sad.

  16. The more I study and research, the stranger this world that we live in is. I was talking to my uncle the other day. I am 42, and he is in his early 70s. I started telling him about things that happened in my life, and what he said to me chilled me to the bone.
    He said: “that’s why your grandma always told us when we were kids, that the things we were taught in school and we were told we’re fairytales, are actually real and we should take heed of the warnings. “

    1. @TREY LANCE NEXT GREAT 49ERS QB That military train’n aint gonna amount to noth’n when you Stand Before God,,,

    2. @bigpigslapper Oink too Thanks for taking the time out for the comment. Have a good night sir. And thank you by the way…

  17. To see Les Stroud use his skills & going into this topic.. is fantastic! This mystery is mind blowing, totally unexplainable & needs to be investigated! David Paulides is a brilliant guy! Incredible investigation!

  18. The lady with the tracking dog was my neighbor when I grew up out past Hygiene, CO. She used to have me hide in the huge field behind our neighborhood and practice finding me with her dog!! That was so cool

  19. Does anyone else find the weirdest and scariest cases the ones with the kids with no clothes on? The little girl who ended up coming out of the woods naked? Also, the little boy who survived was found face down in the snow and he said he took off his coat and hat in the middle of winter and didn’t remember anything? The father of Jaryd said when they found him his clothes were off too. No animal would do those things.

    1. @Carnage 83 Oh ok, thanks. I just looked it up and I found a few sites that said it’s hallucinations that make people with hypothermia undress. They call it “Paradoxical Undressing”. I don’t remember if any of the kids died in this docu, but the sites also said it’s usually the last symptom before death. One site said first aid experts recommend the victim and the “rewarmer” both be naked so the victim can warm up faster from the body of the rewarmer. That’s why I thought it was so scary because I was wondering if someone else was with these kids.

  20. I have a 2 year old myself, and I couldn’t even imagine these things happening!!!!! My heart breaks for all of these families

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