Missing Children Uncovers a STRANGE timeline of events. JJ&Tylee Vallow Mystery&Makeup Bailey Sarian

Hi friends happy Monday ! 
Today I wanted to talk about Lori Vallow and her missing children Tylee and JJ Vallow. The story, if you’ve been following, is…intense. There are a lot of weird things going on to say the least. I wasnt sure how to approach this one without it being so confusing, so I brought in some visuals. Haha. Sorry there wasnt much makeup involved, it was just too difficult. So, I just wanted to talk about the timeline of all the events and what we know happened so far. Im sure more and more will come to light but at the end of the day I really hope the children are found.
Let me know your thoughts down below! Hope you have a wonderful day today, I love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
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Bailey Sarian

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  1. Can we all appreciate the sheer EFFORT Bailey has put into breaking down this story for us? Whatta queen. x

  2. Petition to have Bailey do an UPDATE after all the trials since the children’s bodies have been found??

  3. Bailey you should make another update on this one!! Lorie isn’t even going to jail!!! They found her incompetent and as far as I know Chad is looking at the death penalty.. He’ll definitely get his near death experience this time lol

    1. @Melissa Holland put it on your phone calendar. I set dates on mine all the time so when they go off I’m so thankful that I’ve done it. It helps with dentist appointments that are a year apart.

  4. Since there has been more released about this case, and the bodies were found, do you think you will revisit this story? Loved the people pictorial. It made it so much easier to follow along. PS… I don’t wear makeup but I love to watch you apply it and tell these stories.

  5. My grandparents are Kay and Larry Woodcock, and they loved JJ with all of their hearts, they raised him when he was a baby until he was adopted by Charles and Lori. After he was adopted they would frequently travel to see him. I have never seen my poor grandpa as broken as the day the police discovered their bodies, not even at his mothers funeral. Chad and Lori deserve to rot for what they did to Kylee and JJ.

  6. Just watched this one and after the video I looked up the case and found out the kids were found buried in chads back yard. I’m literally heartbroken. As a mother I just can’t comprehend how you could do that to your own children. I will be lighting a candle for them in the morning and hoping their souls find peace and happiness in the next life. Truly nothing has brought me to tears more than this episode. Thank you Bailey for all the hard work you put into this and for the delivery you bring with each case.

  7. Bailey, will you be doing an update on this case? I would much rather hear the details from you.

  8. It’s weird that I’m just now watching this episode and literally 2 days ago the courts just set a date for Lori’s trial for October 2022.

    1. I just watched it and remember she made a MMM so I’m back😂 I need her to do another of this case since the doc came out

  9. I am back to this video, after watching the Netflix series discussing the case and remembering that Bailey did a video on this, if you want the updates for as what they have right now, I would watch the documentary as well as this video from Bailey! Also, love all of the pictures Bailey! 😍

  10. The story is now a docuseries on Netflix called “A Mother Knows” and it features interviews with her mother and eldest son and there is an update at the end and the update is that she was finally found competent to stand trial this year 2022 and her trial will take place in 2023 and they are seeking the death penalty for both Lori and chad

  11. I just watched Sins of our Mother on Netflix, it’s a 3 episode documentary abt this case. It’s truly heartbreaking. As a mother of an autistic child it disgusts me at how Lori tried to justify her getting rid of JJ, it’s clear she used his behaviors as a way to make her “theory” valid. I hope Bailey follows the trial set in 2023

    1. I have a special needs son (he’s now 19) and I, too cannot IMAGINE her being able to do that to J,J.

    2. I have two autistic brothers. And i cannot imagine someone doing this. Lori is insane. Saying that JJ and Tylee were “zombies” rest to those sweet souls.

    3. It breaks my heart…because I have an autistic son as well! And he is literally the LIGHT of my LIFE! I don’t think I would ever recover if something bad were to happen to him! He is my angel.

  12. To anyone who does not already know, the childrens bodies have been found by the police. There is a documentary on Netflix, if you would like to see the full case, in all detail. In the documentary, there are interviews with the family and their friends. There are also videos of the live news reports and the pictures taken of the children by Lori. Prayers to the family of Tylee and JJ, rest in peace angels.

  13. For those looking for an update I just Googled it and the kids were found buried in husband number 5s house along with this they have made a request for an appeal and will have another court date sometime in 2023

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