Online gamer solved missing child case from his bedroom in England

A missing Hesperia girl has been found thanks to the ingenuity of an online gamer and a suspect's love of pizza 5,000 miles away! MORE:

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  1. I am the grandfather in this story and appreciate all the positive comments left by people, I read the comments often 😀😃

    1. Why isn’t her father capable of looking after her? And are you Virgils dad, or the mothers dad?

  2. My name is Gary Forester and I am the grandfather featured in this story about my granddaughter getting rescued by our family’s hero Harry Brown! We are finishing up our screenplay for a 6 part miniseries titled “5000 Miles Away, A Hero “that we will be trying to make a deal with a streaming service by early next year.

    1. @Gary Forester thank you so so much, it means the world to me! You honestly have no idea how grateful I am to hear you’d consider me!

    2. The hero has to play themself in the movie – they already have a fan base

      (Edited for pronouns)

    3. @Gary Forester Oh for real! Harry is indeed incredibly beautiful and it would be amazing seeing him playing a role as himself! I certainly would love to see him more often, he seems like such an incredible person!

    4. @elitebelt He is an incredible person and I would love to see him play himself in the role!

  3. I bet his parents are soooo proud of this young man. It’s so awesome to read a good story these days! Thanks to all of you, and I’m glad it worked out! Sending hugs to all involved!

    1. @Junta Janardhan TLDR Boy George jr. dropped a dime on a dad from across the pond and got a free trip to enjoy a 25ms lower ping on Elder Scrolls for a few weeks.

    2. I would very proud. But There is a few ppl in the comments that I would be ashamed of that is a human being not a thing . Glad I taught my kids better than that .looks like there is enough bullies out there.

  4. Well done, sweetheart. Very well done, this world needs more people like you. You deserve every penny of that reward! Bravo!!

  5. Aww hes gorgeous inside and out. I hope he and the baby girl stay in contact for life. You can see how happy he was explaining how he got that addy. And smart thinking on Grandpa Gary. Him reaching out is what started everything into motion. Phenomenal job to both of them!!! I cant believe the dads not in trouble at all… thats absurd… he should at least have to pay restitution or something… if hed gotten caught with a joint he would be in jail but he can take his kid away when he doesnt have custody, across state lines and nothing happens to him… ridiculous

    1. Finally, someone said it. I’m still trying to figure out how he wasn’t charged. It’s absurd.

    2. how would the grandfather know who the father chatted to online gaming ? ime not technical so just wondering ,

  6. Anyone commenting/complaining about the gamer’s looks has a very deep psychological issue. A great story, and a great person! I wish the world had more people like them!

  7. He’s so confident and at the same time so chill. When you see people interviewed for news stories generally they come across as quite awkward. Not this guy- “Yeah, I saved a child. What?”

    1. I’m sorry I know this is probably an out of topic reply but a fan of NCT would know this scenario. So the last statement in your comment just reminded me of renjun apologizing in Chinese saying “I’m sorry, so what?”

  8. Grandparents: “Please, help me find my Grandchild..”

    Gamer: [Objective Updated] *Find Grandchild*

  9. Everything about this is inspiring! A loved ones dedication, a strangers intervention and a good outcome 💗

  10. I’m glad this played out so well. I’m glad for the proactivity. that’s what it takes to stand in the winners’ circle. people always say “well that’s not my job”… and that’s the biggest red flag showing how weak they can be. honestly, it takes courage and optimism to dream… but it takes decisiveness to change it for the better. actions speak louder than words.

  11. This is amazing!
    I work as a courier, had a women and a baby wrapped in her arms just at me right outside my truck. I was just going to leave since I’ve had people, walk up to my truck and ask if their package was in there. She wasn’t saying anything except deep gasping so I asked her what’s wrong. Took her a while but said please help me. Asked her what she needed if doesn’t say what I can’t help. She said help need get out of here far away. Another look at her she had no shoes on and didn’t look like a prank so put her in the back and drove her to the police station.

  12. I love how seriously they took it and all the strategies they tried. Talk about brave, persistent, and heroic. What an awesome story and a wonderful human being. Glad the little girl is okay. Glad there are such good people out there. So inspirational!

  13. How lovely, I just love the fact that he was so willing to help – gives me hope for all of us!

  14. Yvette’s grandparents even paid for this guy’s expenses to just to meet their granddaughter and to meet them officially in person. AND THIS GUY IS FROM THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE WORLD? Wow.

  15. How can we thank you enough? What a beautiful compassionate gesture you’ve performed, and clever too. I pray the love of God upon you, peace for your soul, healing for any hurts, and blessings and mercy. Thank you for helping that little girl. More people should be as kind as you are.

  16. As the grandfather in this story I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since a comment has been made!
    It’s just strange to me that no one person in 3 weeks doesn’t have a comment about how this beautiful person from 5000 miles away saved my granddaughter Yvette and now she is in a safe and loving home ❤️

    1. Well I believe this is a beautiful story and it should continue to be played and shared so that this good faith can spread everywhere! I am so glad they were able to find your grand baby ❤ prayers for your family and this amazing Guardian Angel!

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