Parents are selling photos of their young girls to strangers online #exploitation

Who do you think is buying photos of little girls online?! The extent to which I see parents exploiting their own children and compromising their safety for financial gain is deeply disturbing 🥺😬😳💔 #shorts
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  1. This should be against the law. It’s clearly exploitative smh. These poor kids. My daughter is 10 and I don’t post pics, videos or private information

  2. It’s not illegal to out your daughter on stage dancing in an outfit thst would barley fit on a mouse but it should be illegal but people down play that its not wrong or inappropriate and I can’t believe parents are fucking doing that to their children and letting them dance extemely questionable dance numbers infront of conplete strangers not just infront of people they know. And add extra sexy dance moves to entice the judges to get a better score. Why isn’t that illegal it should 💯

    1. Yes I’ve always found this to be gross. Free show for the diddlers & the parents literally do not care just want thy trophy 😡

    1. These children will grow up and have a lengthy digital footprint exposing the various ways they were exploited online. My heart breaks for them.

    2. Imagine the girls didn’t know they were on online and didn’t know they’re parents were selling they’re pics for extra money – the kids only knew they were having fun

  3. oh my god this is disgusting i am so horrified. i hope to god people in the poster’s real life find out about this and absolutely demolish them

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