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SOLVED 8-Month-Old Missing Person Case (Nicholas Allen)


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We found 17-year-old Nicholas Allen in his car underwater, solving an 8-month-old missing person case in Linwood, NC.

Please help Nicks Family

Thank you to Judy, Trudy, and their entire family for their support in bringing us into their family to help find Nicholas Allen and help bring him home.

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In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we are truly humbled in the experience of finding 17-year-old Nicholas Allen, in Linwood, North Carolina.

Originally contacted by Judy, (Nick's Mother) and aunt Trudy back in May, we couldn't dedicate time to make the trip from Oregon.

After being contacted by a local firefighter, who knew 6 vehicles had been identified in the river at the York Hill Boat Ramp, he knew that something had been missed by the local agencies, asking us to really consider making the 3000-mile trip to help Judy and her family bring Nick home.

After a short period of just 30-minutes on the water using side-scan sonar, we identified 3 vehicles underwater with one of them appearing to be in the shape of a Dodge Journey, similar in size and shape to Judy's car.

Sam and Jared suited up in their dive gear and within minutes, were able to identify the Dodge Journey, pulling the license plate, confirming what the family had feared.

The windows were up on the car and as such, we could not yet confirm if Nicholas Allen was inside the car.

After a short conversation with the family, the local Sheriffs Department was called, turning the case over to them with services being offered to help in any way our dive team could.

The local agencies pulled our team out of the area, taking over from there to remove Judy's car from the river.

After the car was recovered from the river, it was confirmed that human remains were indeed inside the car but could not yet confirm with the family that it was Nick.

Within the week, the Sheriff's Office has confirmed, it was Nicholas Allen.

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So how did Nicholas and his car end up in the river?

Unfortunately, a late-night breakup with his girlfriend was just too much to handle, leading Nick to take mom's car and drive it into the river at the York Hill Boat Ramp.

Hug the ones you love and reach out to those in need.

We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity and experience to bring closure for Judy and her family.



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