SOLVED 8-Month-Old Missing Person Case (Nicholas Allen)

We found 17-year-old Nicholas Allen in his car underwater, solving an 8-month-old missing person case in Linwood, NC.

Please help Nicks Family

Thank you to Judy, Trudy, and their entire family for their support in bringing us into their family to help find Nicholas Allen and help bring him home.

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In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we are truly humbled in the experience of finding 17-year-old Nicholas Allen, in Linwood, North Carolina.

Originally contacted by Judy, (Nick's Mother) and aunt Trudy back in May, we couldn't dedicate time to make the trip from Oregon.

After being contacted by a local firefighter, who knew 6 vehicles had been identified in the river at the York Hill Boat Ramp, he knew that something had been missed by the local agencies, asking us to really consider making the 3000-mile trip to help Judy and her family bring Nick home.

After a short period of just 30-minutes on the water using side-scan sonar, we identified 3 vehicles underwater with one of them appearing to be in the shape of a Dodge Journey, similar in size and shape to Judy's car.

Sam and Jared suited up in their dive gear and within minutes, were able to identify the Dodge Journey, pulling the license plate, confirming what the family had feared.

The windows were up on the car and as such, we could not yet confirm if Nicholas Allen was inside the car.

After a short conversation with the family, the local Sheriffs Department was called, turning the case over to them with services being offered to help in any way our dive team could.

The local agencies pulled our team out of the area, taking over from there to remove Judy's car from the river.

After the car was recovered from the river, it was confirmed that human remains were indeed inside the car but could not yet confirm with the family that it was Nick.

Within the week, the Sheriff's Office has confirmed, it was Nicholas Allen.

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So how did Nicholas and his car end up in the river?

Unfortunately, a late-night breakup with his girlfriend was just too much to handle, leading Nick to take mom's car and drive it into the river at the York Hill Boat Ramp.

Hug the ones you love and reach out to those in need.

We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity and experience to bring closure for Judy and her family.



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    1. @Michael MacDonald Well its a minor and it’s respect for the family and the decease.And I understand you are saying that maybe the dislikes comes from that.

    2. Maybe people dislike because they don’t like the family lost their loved one. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe some people don’t know how it works… Don’t know…

    1. Do y’all ever come to Topeka Kansas if you do look me up my name is Ricky and I would love to meet you sometime

    2. We found a vehicle not positive for sure if it’s the right shape or color until we investigate when we will dive in the water then will know for sure.

    3. It was sad to see the sheriff being so defensive when they did not appear to have followed through. It gives to good officers a bad rap.

  1. I’ve been a Detective for over 25 years. The reason why your team where treated that way, is because you found the car and they didn’t. It’s actually very embarrassing to be shown up by someone not in authority. The correct way it should have be handled would have been. The senior officer or agent thanking you for the discovery and informing you that it is a crime scene, taken your information and that you will have to leave. Then talk to their dive team what you encountered, any hidden dangers in the river. They should have thanked you for the locate and allowing the family to grieve privately. Since my fellow brothers in blue can’t say it, I will…. Great job Adventures with a Purpose.

    1. @ThankYouForIncorrectingMe I didn’t even see that please pin point the time of that because they was all rude to me

    2. @DravenUrei yeah but remember the cops said that he ran off to be with his girlfriend so they wasn’t trying to look for him

    3. @DeShawn harvey Oh, no, you’re right, all the “LEOs” in the video WERE rude, unprofessional and out of pocket. I was stating the REAL Sheriff (not the guy in the video claiming to be) made a statement once all this came out. The guy in the video was “disciplined” (whatever that means), definitely not enough, it never is.

    4. You know what the problem is sir… Cop Ego’s. One of the most dangerous things you could come across with these days on the streets.

  2. As a former law enforcement officer, my blood is boiling!!! That man pretending he’s important, is an absolute disgrace! This video footage should be presented to the state attorney general for the express purpose of having his credentials revoked.
    Condolences to the family, and sympathy for the unnecessary trauma they endured!!

    1. @Connection of Lives & Interests 2020 Sheriff’s are elected positions. But a letter to the SC Attorney General to look at this sheriff and investigate this behavior. The people of that area deserve better. We had a vehicle go through the ice and drown. Our sheriff had the vehicle recovered and answer’s to the families within a few days. Once they were reported missing and ice fishers were talked to the sheriff’s office moved quickly. And we’re a small Minnesota county.

    2. @Concave Man Hey they found a vehicle that the local LE had refused to look for for 8 months ignoring the families constantly pleading for them to at least look. They could at least say thanks for your help in locating this vehicle.

    1. Over 11 Million Now………. Disgusting , Dishonorable , Disloyal Too The Ppl He’s Sworn To Protect and Serve….. &. They Prayed Fro Them to Go Check River………. Bittersweet I guess they say

  3. This one really got to me. The way your team was treated by law enforcement was uncalled for. I bet they violate the rights of the citizens they are supposed to serve every day.

    Thank you for all you do for these families❤ I pray God continues to bless you and keep you safe!

  4. The attitude of the police was appalling! Saying to the family that they’d looked there and found nothing was proven to be a lie. And for them to tell the mother, “If your car is down there, we’ll wait until a fisherman reports it, then we’ll investigate” , just blew me away! She told them, when he went missing, where to look.
    Thank you for giving this family the answers they deserve. We need more people like you doing things like this. You’re great men.

    1. Yes they are great men someone should build mold a stone statue of what they do as a occupation and what they do for the community

  5. I hope this officer is under investigation.
    Was disgusting his behaviour.
    I’m just so glad you guys found him and the car and brought him back home to his family and his mother.
    I love watching your episodes all the way from MANCHESTER , UK

  6. That officer knew they fucked up and just refused to make the effort. That’s why he didn’t want to be on camera. Disgusting! The work you guys are doing is so needed because of this! Thank you for what you are doing. And my condolences to this family.

  7. Who cares what the county just built?? There’s a young man’s body in there! Ugh, the attitude of the police here seriously irked me. Show that poor grieving family some respect! Thank you, AWP, for stepping up and doing what needed to be done!

    1. Please know that not all PO are like this! My husband is one and I can definitely say he would never act like this.

  8. You absolutely have done more than the police! I started watching you guys a few days ago. And I am so thankful you guys are helping these families.

  9. That officer upset me more than anything, the level of disrespect. How would he feel if it was his son in there. To say that the teen took off with his girlfriend yet her car is in the river and his girlfriend broke up with him were all red flags and that officer should have been treating it like a crime scene from the start and should have assumed he was in the car rather than assume the car was empty 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. How unprofessional that cop was makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH. These are the people we are trusting to protect and serve? These are the types of people we should call in emergencies? Disgusting.
    Thank you Adventures with Purpose for giving this family the peace of mind of just knowing, you gave them more than the corrupt police system ever did ✊

  11. After doing some researching, I discovered that the responding officer’s name is Jeremy Parks. He won “Officer of the Year” in 2016. Makes you wonder what the other officers might be like 🥴

    1. He maybe displayed the qualities they want officers to demonstrate. These may be completely different to what the public may expect the qualities to be.

    2. The Officer is a disgrace to law enforcement, he is very Arrogant I hope this video reminds him every day of how his true colors have shown. That this is worldwide congratulations to the officer that feels the need for self-entitlement because he wears a Badge. Sir, you took an oath you may have forgotten the oath you took you may want to work on yourself… Great job Adventures with Purpose of standing up for the family, Handling the situation appropriately without coming down to the officer’s level!

  12. I’m appalled at some of these officers. They wonder why there’s so much animosity towards them anymore. This is the exact reason trust is getting so thin. Mad because that’s not what they wanted to do that day. Now they have to do the paperwork and finish the investigation because they have no choice. Their ego was hurt with this one because it took these guys less than 3 hours to find it and they weren’t any closer after 8 months!! They should’ve showed more sympathy to the family. Thanks to the divers who took the time to find their family member and get them closure. You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work! You’re inspiring!!

  13. Eight months. That close to shore. My heart breaks for this family. God bless you all and the incredible work you do.

  14. Great job, AWP, in dealing with the Sheriff and sticking to the point of your presence and keeping them on track. It’s a tough situation all around, and managing across all parties, way to stay focused on the reason of the day.

  15. God bless for all you do, the officers and dive team treated ya’ll horribly and thank you to the officers that treated you with respect for what you did. May God and precious memories carry the family through this most sad and difficult time, as well you guys. 🙏 ✝️🙏

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