AMBER ALERT! Taylen Mosley MISSING in St. Petersburg, FL! #amberalert #missingchild #ncmec

MISSING CHILD! Taylen Mosley from St. Petersburg, Florida. Considered to be in danger. #stpetersburg #florida #missingperson #missingchild #truecrime #shorts


  1. I’m 45 minutes from there but I will pass this on to those I know who live here. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I got the Alert and i’m in Jacksonville FL smh. I hope they find this baby, it was 5:30 out time.

  3. You didn’t mention the baby’s father. I wonder if he is suspected of the murder and kidnapping.

    1. glad you noticed that. the lil boy was found with an alligator eating him… his father has been charged with both murders. he killed this baby and put him in the water for the alligators to feed on. despicable excuse for a human

    2. @Atheist in California absolutely a monster. smh… he’s very young too, i think it said he’s 21. such a shame, an entire young family gone in seconds for NO reason! he ended these 2 lives and ruined his own forever. i wonder if those thoughts went through his head while he was doing it, probably not… to leave a baby for the alligators to eat (dead or alive) is so disgusting to me and wrong, it makes me seriously angry.

  4. She is my neighbor 😢 This is so sad and scary and they still haven’t found Taylen and the killer is still at large !

    1. they found the poor baby, being eaten by an alligator. his dad has been charged with both murders. he killed this baby and put him in the water for the alligators to feed on.

    1. nevermind….i googled it and wish i hadn’t. his body was found inside the mouth of an alligator in St. Petersburgh. they believe he was killed and placed in the water where the alligator found him. his 21yr old father has been charged and is being held for their murders. R.I.P. sweet baby

    2. @Maria Abramson where have you been? It’s been all over the news and Mike even did an updated video.

    3. @Sara Schneider i didn’t see the update. guess i’ve been having a life, that’s where i’ve been lol

    1. i wish that had happened. they found him, an alligator was eating his body when he was found. his 21yr old father has been arrested for both murders

    1. @Karla Casford the baby was found in a body of water in a alligator’s mouth. His body had been dumped in gator infested waters.

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