Full news conference: Amber Alert update on missing St. Pete boy, mother’s homicide

St. Petersburg police detectives are investigating the death of a mother at an apartment complex. Her 2-year-old boy is missing, prompting a statewide Amber Alert.


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  1. Did the police not respond to the domestic disturbance last night??? If they had responded, they might have prevented the murder…or identified the suspect. Also, don’t call a baby a “young man”…that’s so weird.

    1. From what I heard, no one called the police last night. They question the neighbors today and some said they heard a disturbance last night.

  2. I live in the complex next door to this and I’m praying this little boy is found SAFE. This is so scary 😢 my heart goes out to this family

  3. When you see the compact Dumpster hit on by the blood hounds it’s not a good sign. My gut tells me her lover killed her before killing her son.

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