Non profit, Cleveland Missing, sends alert of missing children #missingperson #truecrime #shorts

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From May 2- May 12, 2023 27 children from ages 12-17 years old went missing in the Cleveland Ohio area. Nearly 30 children.

If you have any helpful tips or information about any of these missing children you can reach out here:

Check Out Gina DeJesus Non-Profit Organization

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  1. This is getting crazy going to have to start putting tracking in our kids? Where are they all going? Why dont we know? If you can microchip your pets. Why not our kids too

  2. The human trafficking issue is still present and growing. Itโ€™s been a large problem in other parts of the world and that cancer is growing rapidly in the US. Law Enforcement agencies donโ€™t have the logistics to get a handle on the problem.

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