‘ebony alert’ aims to help missing Black women and children

California lawmakers are proposing a new notification system called an "ebony alert" specifically for missing Black women and children. NBC's Zinhle Essamuah reports. 

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  1. You have a chance with an Amber alert…you call it Ebony alert you have marked it for less help/attention.

  2. Should a person care more or less when a racial alert happens? Is it not racism to believe a race is better or less than another?

  3. huh? black children and not just children? Amber didn’t get kidnapped and killed for there to be 2 separate alerts for races. What is happening?

    1. I think the point they are making is when it’s not a white child not many amber alerts happen for minority children or sense of urgency.

    2. @Breigh-Ann then i think we should just spread awareness towards that instead of creating separate things for separate groups of people

    3. @Daniel yes but the point they are making is the awareness is not being shared the same for minority children so what are other solutions for them to get the same awareness. It should be based on races I agree but we also cannot act like all groups get the same coverage.

  4. We should have the same kind of alerts for all people of any color. This separation fuels racism.

  5. If they were going to name this new alert for teens and adults they may have wanted to consider The “Kaia” alert. (Not sure of the Spelling.) The Amber Alert was created as a legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped while riding her bicycle in Arlington, TX, and then brutally murdered. I think it’s interesting that AMBER has now been turned in to a acronym and that the true nature of its origins have been glossed over. The use of “Ebony” conjures up images of Ebony Magazine that originated in 1945 and chronicled black life and contributions across regions and generations. We are all Humans out here. I see no sense if tailoring something of this nature to only fit one culture. I Find it dis-heartening that the senator from my own state would be so narrow minded. And the justification “It’s better than doing nothing at all.” Should we just RE-purpose AMBER to mean America’s Missing Black Emergency Response ??? it makes about as much sense. Come on America!!! let’s Get it together !!!

  6. We are the only race of people who have to explain or justify why we need equal justice or treatment. And the black community never know that someone is missing. We either hear a from someone else or until it’s to late and they found the body. Those who are saying it should not be about race you are correct, but unfortunately it is. I rather be hurt by the truth than to not know at all.

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