1. ​​@Krishna SahayBRUH I GOT ONE but I’m in california and I got a amber alert from frisco texas (I never went there :/)

  1. This dude is gonna be the reason why a new law exists one of these days 💀

    Edit: Guys, I’m not talking about swatting. I know that’s illegal. I’m saying that he’s gonna do something one day that will cause another new law to be made

    1. ​@AMANDAMEMASHdefanghe wasted the polices time when there was probably a more important case they had to do

    2. I don’t know how he is not in jail because this is clearly illegal but people would do anything for clout nowadays

  2. Bro has way too much free time 💀💀
    This man doesn’t need an Oscar, he needs something to do.

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