Down the Rabbit Hole News exposes the Maui Leaders and handling of this disaster.
Maui Missing Children| Update on Maui Fires searches | Teachers Pressured to Go Back to Work!
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides updates on this tragedy of the Maui fires and missing children.
Maui Lahaina fires| TEACHERS TO RETURN TO WORK? Children STILL MISSING from Lahaina! Where are they?
Maui Lahaina fires| Missing Kids Teachers leads efforts to remember the kids of Lahaina
Maui Lahaina fires| Teachers from Elementary School give interview| Where are the children?
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides commentary to this tragedy
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  1. Praying for you and Baby Bunny! My youngest only made it two days in first grade before catching strep..🩷🙏🌈

  2. If one local says one thing, and a different local contradicts that, how do you figure out who is telling the truth?

    1. And that is a great question! It’s upsetting all around! I want to definitely ask everyone

    2. ​@DOWN the RABBIT HOLE News🚨The Mexican army came in right away to help us on a deserted beach with supplies after Hurricane Nora staying a month to guard against looters. Where is the American military helping survivors in Maui? I haven’t seen any and I’ve been watching from the beginning!! This is something I never imagined happened in USA!!

    3. @TriaMaria 700 Defense Department personnel and 157 Coast Guardsmen are currently working for with the U.S. Army Pacific Command and Joint Task Force 5-0 mission to exactly that. Much more details on this at the department of defense website to have a look for yourself. There you have it. They were there and still are.

    4. Moreover.
      As Lahaina grapples with the challenges of recovering from the wildfires, Guard members are staffing 21 entry control points and ensuring public order and safety. The Guard has also fought fires, dispersing 268,200 gallons of water in 149 bucket drops over 44 flight hours.

  3. Wow….wow there should be a moratorium on developers coming in to take lands. I heard in a tick toc said that the mayor and governor were unavailable. During this emergency. I’m really concerned that these people are going through this.

    1. 🚩Many were off the island with Fima officials for a scheduled Aug 8-10 meeting staying at a luxury hotel.

    2. ​@triamaria Yes thats right and they didn’t leave the minute they knew. They were a day late after enjoying their luxury hotel accomodation and food.

  4. Thank you Rabbit for giving us a Maui Lahaina town, community perspective. Why can’t an Oracle database analyst write a script to retrieve queries from a Maui database (existing or newly created)? Query would match the 2600+ burned out Lahaina buildings, homes, boats against the missing school childrens’ home addresses (which Maui school systems should have on file).

    1. @HawaiiSustainable yes! It’s unbelievable a “Missing Children” list hasn’t been circulated. Where are they? Have all the adults living in the 2600+ destroyed houses & buildings been counted? Probably not.

  5. “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.”
    -Edward Snowden

  6. I really appreciate your direct approach to things and going with what the community says. It is so hard for us to figure out with the truth is. I find watching your channel gives me the common-sense approach to things, thank you for all your hard work!❤

  7. Oh we already KNOW who was responsible. It’s easy to figure out who is in charge of each Dept that failed. What we need is to quickly identify changes that need made, and to work to make those changes occur. Work to bring REAL consequences down upon those responsible. The Hawaiian ppl need to stop waiting for Government to come rescue them, and get in there to change the Government. THEY are the ppl and the ppl are in charge. But only if they KNOW they’re in charge & they’re willing to work to make others know it too. Natural disasters always serve to bring to light problems & corruption that have been hidden. If the ppl don’t take advantage of this moment- the problems & corruption will just continue. I want them to stop begging their corrupt Leaders to suddenly care. Not gonna happen.

    1. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

  8. Keep reporting the truth from the people there. We on the mainland are watching. Don’t let the government railroad you! They will be trying their best to shut you up and divert attention away from facts.

  9. Thank you Rabbit! I am Canadian, and I have been watching the happenings in Lahaina. Yes, the people in Lahaina need to keep speaking out about what is really happening there. Let social media keep spreading the real “truth” from the residents of Lahaina. My heart is broken for the people of Lahaina. I was also horrified learning the history of Hawaii – King Kamehameha about the land, etc. I have been to Hawaii – Oahu, a few times. I love the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Hawaiian people are beautiful inside and out – they really care about each other, they know the land, they know how to share resources, they know their culture and what is really meaningful for everyday life. I send many virtual hugs, much love, and many prayers to the people of Lahaina etc. May God protect you and that each of you get all your needs met! God sees the truth – he knows your hearts are true. I mourn with you all – Take care! 🙏💔🌴

    1. Yes, God sees all. It’s frustrating and infuriating to see this happening, but all is being seen and WILL be judged in the end. God bless all who have to live through these troubles, but justice will be served in the end.

  10. It was a coordinated attack, and now the coordinated cover up. The military should have been there that night on.

  11. I’m in Australia and having just been through the big floods in 21 ….it was very apparent that wild conditions were severely dangerous and rescue attempts by government agencies were in essence blocked by law, as the organisations that instructed their members could not by law put them in danger. Many of the rescues that took place in the first 48 hours were by local people.
    This seems to have happened also in China and now it looks like Maui too. I am still to look into the Canada fires

  12. Do not stop asking where are the children please. You’re doing a great job and service to the people of Maui. Thank you.

  13. Good to hear about your background…I worked for Maui Youth & Family Services for abit during my 20 years living on Maui!!!! Thank you for sharing the people’s voices!!!!

  14. Sis I’ll be honest with you this administration out here in the mainland we don’t trust. There’s alot of intent here you are on the right track communicate with the locals their the truth not the government. Aloha we praying for you out here . JUSTICE FOR LAHAINA BIGTIME!

  15. Rabbit, i retired from State Government that Regulates Insurance Companies, Producers, Adjusters, Corporations, etc. You are so correct when you say what’s reported on MSM is completely different than what you hear from the public as someone that lived through Katrina and was in there Middle of the insurance stuff! I can vouch for that 1000%!💜🙏🏻💛🙏🏻💜

    1. @DOWN the RABBIT HOLE NewsMahalo for your coverage the morning council meeting of 8/30 about governor housing emergency declaration was a good one the teacher from this video follows up and they end it early because we so upset

  16. An important part of the ‘official’s’ message is to slam social media and to push the ‘misinformation’ concept.

  17. You do sound like a great social worker. You are laying out the precise stages and errors I see too. So many communities gets undermined and neglected by the money people.

  18. One thing I noticed with Hara is that he told the reporter to let him finish and he only made the same point he just had. “Once people had the situational awareness, it was too late.” These are carefully crafted statements they are coached to repeat over and over until it is believed. Do not let yourself be deceived people. Challenge everything they say!

  19. Oh this is so awful! As an Australian my heart goes out to them all as we know the devastation that bushfires bring. I don’t understand them not warning residents ahead of time when they were in the path of the fires. Am I reading the situation correctly? The safety of citizens is paramount.
    Where are all the children? I hope they are safe and alive. We lost 33 people in our last bushfires and 3 billion animals. I hope and pray that the children of Maui are safe and alive. I’ll keep watching your videos Rabbit ❤

    1. It all comes down to money. The American government has done something incredible. They legalized corruption. We allow anyone to buy any position of power. Just because bribery is legal doesn’t mean it’s not bribery. Thank you for caring about us, we all live in one world and have to care for each other. .

  20. Rabbit, thank you for covering this with your perspectives! I appreciate you love.
    Let’s come together and help the locals! Hawaii real estate here on the YouTube, is trying to start a fund to pay off the local’s mortgages. That way the land grab don’t happen! Please help us spread his message! Help us help them! ❤🙏🤙🏼
    My heart aches for all affected by this horrible tragedy

  21. Hello, my dear one, I would like to express my admiration for this exceptionally well-written post that encompasses nearly all pertinent information. I eagerly await further postings of the same caliber.

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