1. You really can. And after he’d made her drink alcohol, abused her, and who knows what else. Heartbreaking.

    2. 3:45 She’s feeling all the love that they are showing to her
      and she’s moved and touched.

      Many people have told me that she’s crying because she’s traumatized.
      I may be wrong, but this how it seemed to me.
      I would have been touched by the support and love of all these people.

    3. I really wish they would have done it more low key..i mean its clear ro see she wasnt really ready for all that. I know her parents had the very best intentions but even she said herself she was not ok at that moment. Just wrap her up safe in ur house and let her heal b4 throwing her infront of a ton of people. She just went thru hell and back and is emotionally spent. Heat breaks for that hurt little girl. Glad shes doing better now

  1. *Adults never need a child’s help!!* Normal people don’t ask children for help, and I have drilled that into my kids head since she was old enough to comprehend. If an adult asks you to help find his puppy or kitten, you run. If they ask for directions, you run. If the stop next to you, you run. If they talk to you, you run. Adults have no business talking to children in the absence of other adults. Period.

    1. Yes! And with all the human trafficking going on, I want to say that real men in distress will never even approach a single lone female or even a group of women for help, esp in some dark corner of a parking lot. A man with good intentions will not ask you to help him in any way, but esp not driving him somewhere.

    2. Nunya Bidness my dad taught me the same thing! He always told me that adults have no reason to ask children for help and to scream and run.

    3. Wittney R I approached a man in distress in a dark parking lot this summer and he was so shocked by it he didn’t speak at first. I had been sitting on the curb in the far corner of a parking lot smoking while my husband was inside paying for gas and the man pulled in with his muffler scraping against the ground and towing a boat. I knew we had metal zip ties in my truck so I walked over and grabbed one. When I walked up to him he was under the car so I crouched down and offered it to him. He was so shocked that I was there so quickly with exactly what he needed that at first he just stared at me with his mouth open but quickly thanked me profusely. I’m sure he thought I was a guardian angel the way he looked at me. I’m sure it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but I saw a person in need and I had the perfect solution so I couldn’t resist. Him being under the car seemed like a safe enough opportunity to approach him. But I could tell he didn’t want my help at first.

    1. Kids used to call me Elmira from this show called the tiny toon adventures because I used to run around kissing boys, thought it was funny.

  2. She doesn’t realize how many other little girls she saved from this monster by escaping and having him arrested. Be strong lady! you did good!

  3. This just made me open my eyes that I should be grateful to a complete stranger.
    In yr 8 ( england school ) I was walking to my friends house to walk to school with her. This guy asked what time it was but he whispered it so I couldn’t hear. So me being the innocent 13 yr old I was kept getting closer to try and hear what he was asking me really quietly. This other man could obviously see what was going and realised something was off so he ran up and told him the time coz he could hear from were he was standing.

    Looking back now if it wasnt for that other man I probably wouldnt have made it 3 more doors up to my friends house.

    Thankyou to that man!

    1. @GloopyCowScoops it was only a few years ago. I’m not old 😂. He just wanted the time and I dont have the best hearing so I didn’t think much of it. I’m not innocent normally

    2. @A Tbh I didnt think u would be that old lol I just thought it was an innocent act 🤣

  4. You can see the trauma in her eyes and face. Poor sweetheart. God bless her. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  5. Think of how many kids she saved by saving herself! I hope she’s doing well. As a survivor of my own childhood trauma I know how hard it is to move past. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Running saved my life. I was close to being kidnapped myself. I went to the same school as her, and lived around the corner from her house. Luckily, I was walking home from school with my Grandma. She was not too far behind me, so as soon as he tried to talk to me, my whole being told me to RUN. I ran back to my Grandma as fast as I could and told her right away. My Mom and I went to report it to the school and we filed a police report. Then shortly after, she was kidnapped. I’m happy that she’s doing better and that she’s helping those who went through what she did. ❤

    R.I.P. to the ones who didn’t make it. 🙏

    1. I had a similar situation happen also. The kidnapper/rapist, got my friend and I ran, screaming for her to RUN!! You have survivors guilt in some cases.

    2. @April NewtonThank you. We just went to the same elementary school and I lived around the corner from her house… didn’t really get the chance to be her friend, I moved.

  7. That is amazing. I’m so glad you survived. Your PTSD must have been through the roof. I’m so sorry you took it out on yourself. I’m so glad your life is different now. You’ve finally begun to heal. I’m so sorry baby because I know your pain will never go entirely away. But thank God you found a way to thrive anyway. I hope the man that did this to you receives a death sentence for destroying the person you might have been had he not stolen your Innocence. Hold your baby close. 💜

  8. Seeing her as a baby after she was kidnapped, crying while everyone sang to her made me cry. That poor baby was reliving what happened. I’m so glad she is safe.

    1. @Mimi She was like 5 years old that is a baby if you ever have kids trust me that’s a baby I currently have an 8-year-old a 5 year old and a 3-year-old and they are all babies

  9. Dear Midsi, you’ll never see this but I am so proud of you! You aren’t a victim! You are a survivor!

    1. Yep!!! & She’s a winner!!! 🙌💪🤗. She’s so strong!!! I’m praying she stays strong. ✝️

  10. This poor women, traumatized at such a young age but is so strong for sharing her story. I hope she knows how brave she is, being able to recount her experiences.

  11. Blessings to her and all the victims. I can empathize because I was sexually abused from the time I was 8 until I was 11 1/2 by my mother’s live in boyfriend who threatened to kill my mother, brothers and dog if I told anyone. I struggled with the aftermath until I was in my late 40’s. My prayers go out to all victims and their families around the world. 🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💙🙏🏼🧡🙏🏼💛🙏🏼💚🙏🏼

    1. This is also my story. I am 22 now as of last week April 9th. I was abused by my mothers boyfriend from 7-11 years old. I wish you the best in your life and hope you are doing good. Much love to you 💕

    2. Same atory here only God could heal my life and has ! It took a long time and oh how self destructive I was. Hope all is well with you as well.

  12. What a sweet baby. My heart broke seeing her cry when celebrating her birthday after escaping. So glad she’s still alive.

  13. I just can’t imagine being a child and experiencing something so dark, disturbing, surreal— you lose all childlike hope and sight of the good things in life. I’m so glad that she got her life back eventually ❤️

    1. More good in this world then bad you just don’t hear about it but it’s out there,

      I’ll never understand how those amazing people who see a child and bringing them home aren’t recognized on the news, it’s not fair

      It’s just not fair

    2. I’m glad she could find happiness again, if she was my daugther I wouldn’t know what to do, but I would totally support her, listen to her and love her with all my heart so she could leave the bad things behind and start again.

  14. “This is what I am here for, this is my purpose” after being kidnapped this woman decided to consider helping others to find missing childrens as her purpose, it’s just an amazing fact to see this woman finding her purpose in life in the thing that causes her pain the most, well done nice and courageous lady well done.

  15. Oh my goodness , by the thumbnail I thought she was kidnapped UNTIL she was 24. Thank goodness she escaped quickly. The PTSD that kidnapping caused her, as well as the insensitivity of kids at her school, really infuriated me. I’m glad she was able to recover from these harrowing experiences, and is now living her life well for the sake of her daughter.

  16. I know everyone meant well when they sang happy birthday to her, but you could see she was so traumatized and that it wasn’t what she needed in that moment. 😞 Everyone was just happy to have her back, but she was hurting. It’s heartbreaking to know that what happened to her dictated how her life would play out. You can still see the sadness and pain unfortunately.

    1. I saw the same thing. She was hurting, in pain. I think she needed something different then the whole gang singing happy birthday

  17. With her brave escape she saved so many other little girls and their families from devastation. My heart breaks for the little angels that didn’t make it home.

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