Missing 9-year-old girl Charlotte Sena rescued in upstate New York

Officials say 9-year-old Charlotte Sena has been found alive and in good health after disappearing over the weekend from a park in upstate New York. Authorities say the suspect, Craig Ross Jr., left a ransom note for the girl's parents, and police matched his fingerprint from a 1999 DUI arrest. CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan has more.

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  1. Outstanding job to all state and local officials!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Your quick responses is what saved her life and your awesome!!!❤❤❤❤💕

    1. Quick response? Cops on scene at 7pm…no Amber alert until over 14 hours later? And why not follow or pull over the car observed at 4:20am putting the letter in the mailbox? They could have immediately run the plate for an address rather than wait until 2:30pm for a fingerprint match. Glad she was found…not sure I’d call it a quick response.

    2. They made huge mistakes. Got lucky. HE PUT RANSOM NOTE IN MAILBOX WHILE POLICE WERE THERE !!!!! At4am. They should have walked out and asked why are you here at 4am ??????? But they did nt. Huge mistake. If he didn’t leave fingerprints. Never would have found her.

    1. @Andr50n say’s YOU? You do know that there are thousands of archeological discoveries in the last century that prove the Bible and its contents are real? So sure of yourself you had to upvote yourself too?

    1. I cannot imagine the terror she felt. I’m hoping someone starts a Gofund Me for her to help with any medical expenses they may have.

  2. Just thinking about the moment a copper would’ve opened up that cabinet and seen her there 😢can’t imagine that feeling, it must stay with you forever and ever. Anyone that takes a child needs death penalty

    1. When there is irrefutable proof they are guilty, they shouldn’t have the option of endless appeals either.

  3. Watching from Scotland. Glad the child was found safe. To say her family must be relieved is an understatement

    1. Ditto…..isle of Skye here. Read about Charlotte when she went missing and immediately thought the worst. I’m so glad I was wrong and that she was found. Poor wee thing.

    2. ​@MJI’m from the area this occurred and it makes me so happy that it immediately became national, and I guess international news. Scotland forever!

  4. So thankful that Charlotte was found alive. The prayers of many were answered. Law enforcement, did a great job of working the leads and finding that creep. I pray that Charlotte will fully recover from this ordeal and soar higher than ever before!

    1. But CREEP PUT RANSOM NOTE IN MAILBOX AT 4 am while police were there !!!! Why didn’t they stop him ask what are u doing ?????!! Yes. They got lucky he left a print. BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE STOPPED HIM. THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a relief and blessing for her family and for the police and rescue personnel. I am so very very thankful to God that this was not a tragedy. I hope that sicko didn’t harm her in any way.

  6. Thank God shes safe and huge props to the investigators that were obviously doin it all to get her home…god bless the lot👍🇺🇸❤️

  7. Wow, these things don’t usually end well. So glad she is alive and unharmed. People are absolutely evil.

    1. They got lucky. HE PUT RANSOM NOTE IN MAILBOX AT 4am while police were there. Why didn’t they stop him then ????????? Huge huge huge. Mistake

    2. Yes mam/sir ( sorry I’m not sure which you are) I say this everyday there’s so many evil people out there. I just turned 13 but I stay by my mom side because I’m terrified.

  8. Thank God she was found and is okay. I hope she can heal from this experience cause I can’t imagine how I’d feel at that age.

  9. It is a sad world when a child can’t take a bike ride and be safe. God we thank you for helping this little girl get back home, and we are praying for her healing and her family’s healing.

    1. I don’t understand the reaction of some of you people. Crimes like these have happened so many times. We don’t live in a safe world ever! And why the parents thought oh yeah she can go on her own? I worked in law enforcement I saw what I saw. And im not trusting of people at all! This is what happens. Shes lucky how many of these kids never came back never or if they did in a body bag . Wake up stick to your kids. Another case mom sat in car 2 of her kids playing she then checked 1 of her kids gone its 4 years now no sign of her. Stick to your kids!!

    2. @Jessi Garcia I agree 1000% with what you say here, but I only meant it is sad anytime throughout history to where a child can’t be safe being a child the way God intended for it to be.

    3. You realize stranger abductions are rare? The majority of abductions are NOT stranger abductions. And you can’t hover over your kids.

  10. Very happy to hear Charlotte is safe and sound! I was extremely concerned! Outstanding work to all of the moving parts that brought her to safety, and apprehended that creep!

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