More than 1,100 still missing after devastating Maui wildfires

As eight more victims from the Maui wildfires have been identified, officials say 1,100 people are still missing in Hawaii. NBC’s Sam Brock reports for TODAY.

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  1. Uh…FBI…I heard of a family who went into the area and found their teen son’s body. On video a couple who saw bodies in a car…one a child. DNA sampling should be made more available than one center which is an hour away.

  2. Missing? They are dead. It’s an island. Where would they be hiding??

    Edit: Unless they were kidnapped. Anything is possible.

    1. @soundscape26 that’s true. What I know for sure though is that this was a devasting tragedy and I do fear that those missing at this point are all dead.

  3. The evictions on top of the loss. These Ohana are facing is inhumane. I hope someone makes a list of all these people. So they can be publically shamed. And Put out of business

    1. ​@William WagnerHawaii should be a reservation as a whole in itself, no mainlander or rich pos should own land there

  4. The highways were blocked to prevent the residents from leaving. Almost every report from islanders say this

  5. Why are people of Maui who just lost their homes not being assisted? The failure of providing aid by the agencies responsible is a red flag. Why are these people who just lost so much now being pressured to give up and sell their land?

  6. I guess minor means 26 when it comes to being on parents healthcare, but something else when accountability shows up.

  7. The FBI should get involved in the investigation as soon as possible, and the Chinese government should be responsible for this matter.

  8. Please donate to Maui United Way. They help with resources and supplies for Maui. You can also donate to Catholic charities Hawaii too. Maui needs your donations and resources so that they can rebuild and heal from this tragedy. There is also the Hawaii lions foundation that you can donate too. Keep us in your prayers and keep sending us love to Maui. Maui no ka oi..Lahaina strong!!!

    1. Whoa!!! Hang on there cowboy. Do you really want to let the Hawaiians rebuild the same type of structures that just created a fire storm and killed thousands?

    2. @William WagnerThe reality of the situation is that Lahaina was a historic town with buildings built before modern building codes. Any new structure being constructed today would have to meet the latest codes. Old buildings get grandfathered in but once demolished they have to be replaced with modern ones. This still doesn’t excuse the lack of fire prevention efforts such as fire breaks maintained between the old farm fields and the town.

    3. @William Wagner we will build better foundations and with the knowledge of the public and the Hawaiian community along with their input, we will make Lahaina Strong again and build the right way.

  9. I can clearly hear the echo of suffering and crying all the way to the state of Missouri during this terrible event. Unimaginable! My thoughts of sympathy goes out to the people of Maui in Hawaii.

  10. If over 1000 people are still unaccounted for and presumed dead, why are they only finding a few bodies a day while claiming to have searched large areas? Is the number missing being grossly exaggerated? I truly hope they do not find any more fatalities but if that is the case, I think everyone deserves to know why they keep claiming so many people are unaccounted for.

    1. There are no bodies to find they are all ashes now I don’t see how they are going to recover anyone or be able to identify from ashes this is so horrible.

    2. ​@Kaitlyn Simonduring cremation bodies don’t just turn to ash The bones need to be pulverized because skeletons are almost impossible to incinerate.

  11. People in Ohio are still waiting after two years for the government to help, they still have no water they can drink and there are 4,000 of them told to move without compensation.

  12. Sad reality and one of the side effect of electing incompetent representatives. These ghouls cared more about preserving their precious water than to give fire fighters a fighting chance. I hope the officers of the law who didn’t allow people to escape will be tortured by the reality of their actions forever.

    1. The buses use the school in large part have vanished, Even though that area wasn’t hit by fire and the school was out meaning they should have been parked there.

      Somebody did the math and it’s enough buses to hold over 850 students.

      Yes I think we can imagine what happened

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