Mother of 5-year-old girl who went missing in Queens facing charges

The mother of the 5-year-old girl who went missing in Queens on Tuesday, sparking a frantic hours-long search, is now facing charges. Darla Miles has the latest details.

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  1. Finally some accountability for A Woman …. Jesus Christ . Thank god the child was found , but it seems she’s in more harm at home apparently.

    Good job legal system .

  2. I don’t understand why the Mother getting arrested is a surprise to anyone.

    They don’t live in the same block, not even in the same borough and she only knew him for a month🤔 and she handed her child to him; she child trafficked her daughter!😠😡🤬

    Her bull💩 story was not believable; the “mother” needs to be locked up!

    1. @paul sawczyc Well, he is charged with first degree sexual assault and the Mother let him take her away. keep living in fantasy land that these things don’t happen. He either groomed the mother into trusting him or something more sinister was agreed upon. It has happened before. Either way, she needs to never get her daughter back again.

    2. @Brooklyn Street Smart Everything needs to be proven – remember the evil clowns at that day care center?

  3. Mayor Adams wants to give the mother another chance and say she’s sorry . She will be out soon ! The 75 year old lady (er– that’s a man?) will be awarded a reward !

    1. It never is a calm day. Something happens everyday! Even things that SHOULD BE in the news and isn’t! Gotta put the blame on the people. They’re the ones doing stuff to end up on the news.

  4. I think this is an overreaction and misunderstanding from a cultural point of view. In other countries this is normal. However in America it is bizarre, strange and criminal. I know I am going to receive heat for this, but I was born overseas and I see it from a different cultural point of view and perspective. Queens is one of the most diverse counties in America with numerous languages spoken.

    1. Not an overreaction, should have been common sense regardless of any cultural difference, you can’t play dumb then blame it on cultural differences…

    2. I think that I heard something sexual was done to this child, so no, a stranger should not have access to your young child without a responsible guardian present!!!

    3. No! It’s not. Stop lying she only knew this man a month. Clearly, there was a transaction of some sort or the mother had other more important things to attend to. A spade is a spade. Stop giving negligence an excuse this causes more harm than good. That girl can never unsee what she was forced to see.

  5. I know people for years and would not trust them with my child alone and my child is way older 😂😂😂
    Common sense ain’t so common!

  6. I’m so glad this child was found alive and well. I’m sick of these stupid parents. There are far too many of them.

  7. This proves just because you have a badge doesn’t mean you know what you are doing. She asked for help gets her kid back safely and gets arrested? Don’t call the cops for anything.

    1. Did you even listen to the story? The mom let a stranger take her daughter, that’s child endangerment, she should have her daughter taken away from her, she’s literally not fit to take care of and protect her daughter….

    2. @Jesterj she said she knew the guy for over a year not a month as it was reported. The DA dropped the charges on her and apparently the guy is accused of something else. Again just because a cop has a badge it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

  8. What in the world was that mother thinking?! That poor child 😔 I hope she gets the help she will need to recover from what he did to her.

  9. This story never added up. The mom seemed like she wanted to give her daughter up. She let a *75 yo man* take her daughter? What mother would do that and why? Then this woman called the police at 1pm and said she was missing. How do we know this old man’s cell phone just didn’t stop working and she couldn’t reach him. It doesn’t seem like he was kidnapping anyone- because he was out and about in public. He wasn’t hiding the girl at all. The daughter shouldn’t go back to her mother for a while. Maybe they need to find another relative.

  10. That story made me think about the sweet little girl Cherish Perrywinkle. I didnt sleep for a week, it was awful awful. Only tears. Those mothers failed their daughters.

    And she let her daughter go with him? Investigate the mom!

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