Search underway for 3 missing children in northwest Atlanta

An active search is underway after three children went missing in northwest Atlanta. FULL STORY:

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  1. Woke up at 11…unseen for 8 hours ?
    Praying that good people sheltered these neglected kids.

  2. 3pm to 11pm 8hrs?? That’s a work shift. that’s a BIG Azz time GAP NOT TO SEE UR VERY MINOR CHILDREN. After 15minutes of being too Quiet I’m looking for mine.

  3. They’re found now but the issue is that these parents are not monitoring their children. How you go that long without checking on them?

  4. Jamie Fox needs body parts, dang! More black kids will come up missing and he will reemerge totally healthy.

  5. The kids raise themselves anyway, they were probably out looking for the mother who I am sure was not at home a sleep.

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