THERE ARE 252 MISSING CHILDREN STILL FROM THE MAUI FIRES #maui #lahaina #fire #wherearethechildreb

We have finally started getting confirmed numbers from the government on the missing children from Maui. They are still 252 children unaccounted for from the August Inferno that burned Lahaina down. #Government #GovernmentCorruption #coverup up #Children #Maui


  1. Thank you for all your investigative efforts and continuing to speak the truth… Sadly, some people don’t listen, but you are speaking to those who have ears to hear

    1. I been holding back on this, you don’t need more on your mind. But you need to know more truth of who tne evil people are. Tares among the wheat

  2. Also, the head of mercury one, there at the beginning of help arriving, interviewed a teacher who went into the water with her students. They were treading water for approx 8 hours. Her students drowned and teacher eventually got picked up. Glenn Becks mercuryone I believe is a reliable source. Nobody talked about all who drowned or swept out to sea.

    1. Day after 🔥 a man in a video said there were many toddlers & babies in the water ..they were picked up 8 hrs later & he saw No toddlers or babies & most of the elderly pershied
      So sad…he said it was rough out there

  3. This is proof of their guilt. They would not be paying out residents to keep quit if they didn’t let the fire happen.

  4. There are families from Lahaina scattered around the island, possibly some with children who died in the fire who are either in so much grief and/or instructed not to speak with anyone.
    If I were these people, I would stay away from the fast money being offered if I could. There is some reason Maui County, the electric company and the school district ( a big landowner) is offering these funds with those conditions, and it’s not good.

    1. @everything…
      Absolutely agree…
      This IS Hush money– it couldn’t be more obvious (i.e. where was such a BIG GREENE response from the get go???!- When a truly humanitarian need for help was present and called for–all these 3 long months of suffering (because their star lawyers needed time to cook up this machiavellian BIG GREENE SCHEME)!!
      What a carrot on a stick for an already desperate victimized people!

  5. One of the Lahaina churches pastor said a family at his church lost five kids, and the parents committed suicide. That’s more than three Governor. 😢

  6. The less the governments and corporations know about us and our business the better for us. We have God given rights and freedoms and privacy is one of them. Thanks for the update Samantha.

  7. Thank you so much Truthseeker Samantha. I do so appreciate your straight honesty, something sadly missing in todays society.
    I think it’s a timely reminder to everyone, that according to International Humanity Law, as expressed by the Council of Recency for the Hawaiian Kingdom that Hawai’i is presently subject to a belligerent military occupation by the US since 1886. This does mean there is considerable scope for compensation that does not necessarily apply to legitimate members of the USA. Maybe it’s time to support the Council of Regency in order to have Hawai’i returned to its pre 1886 heritage. 🙏

    1. Agreed. From information I’ve recently reviewed the Hawaiian Islands will separate from the United States on 10/26/2024

  8. Thank you again for your much valued role in bring out all what is happening on Maui … please do keep it up !!! 💯🤙🙏

    1. Thank you for supporting our quest for the truth. This was all of us together rowing across the Pacific Ocean.

  9. When I was in Maui a local told me that many of the renters in Lahaina have moved to Las Vegas, where they are finding similar jobs and the cost of living is much cheaper. Could some of these missing children, and their families, have relocated to Nevada?

    1. I did a video on that too. If they kept their kids in public schools, when they moved to Nevada, they would’ve had to order their records from Maui county and they would’ve counted those in the 252.

  10. I’ve seen a video here on youtube (no idea who) – a woman filming refrigerated trucks stationed behind the green / black (?) fence the government erected around the area of Maui that was leveled to the ground. She was trying to film these trucks inconspicuously, which was a challenge since a manned police car was standing watch. In fact, she had to walk away at one point because the officer(S) had stepped outside their car and were headed toward her. The supposition was that these refrigerated trucks held bodies that would be tranported somewhere, eventually, or maybe not, as they had been sitting for some time, with refrigeration running.

    I appreciate that you have come back around to the idea or the topic of the children being dead or missing otherwise. I could not accept that no children perished in this fire. I wondered if perhaps they had not been identified as missing because possibly their parents died alongside them. I wonder if we will ever uncover (literally) the truth about these fires, I appreciate your pursuit of truth.

    1. @Starkey Farmstead I’m sure I worded that poorly. I know you have said that in other videos, pretty soon after the fires, but in several of the videos I’ve watched, the focus has been on whether or not the children had been abducted. I again cannot watch every video, so I’m sure I’ve missed some in between. I am glad you’re coming back to the fact that some – perhaps many – died in the fires. It’s still so perplexing to me. I am not there nor am I able to do something like that at this time, but there are so many questions. Why isn’t there a complete list of missing residents: those presumed dead whose bodies were located, those who have not been accounted for at all. Some drowned in their attempt to escape. Some perished in the fires. You interviewed a woman on your first trip who spoke of them supposedly having cleared an area, yet when frontloaders were excavating and dumping debris into dump trucks, she stated that body parts (bones?) had been seen in those debris loads. It’s so hard not to be totally angry that the government or possibly other wealthy persons responsible are getting away with this.

  11. A thorough accounting of each and every household in Lahaina needs to be done, based on the latest census and tax records. How many adults in household? How many children? Ages? Names? Not all the missing kids were school age either most likely, so would not have been enrolled in school. Are the adults in the household missing, too? It needs to be done methodically.

    1. It’s a great idea but who’s gonna fund it? And undertaking like that would take months with a couple of different people working on it so those people would need a salary and equipment, computers, gas money.

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