Texas teen missing for over 8 years found alive

Authorities say Rudy Farias, a 17-years-old who was reported in March 2015, was found alive and safe. The now 25-year-old is recovering in an area hospital. KPRC’s Corley Peel reports.

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  1. Where did they find him? I am happy that he was found and I hope he fully recovers! That must have been a long hard 8 years for the family.

    1. @Flash Flame You can google the story, other news media reported also with some additional information. Hope that helps

    2. I was thinking the same thing. How do you report a story about being found and not any details of how or where?

  2. I’m so happy for this young man and his family! It’s not often people return after so long , and I’m so grateful he returned. I pray for his emotional and physical recovery and hope is someone else was involved they are charged to the fullest extent.

    1. They think he was trafficked in his hometown if you look at his moms social media. The mom talks about his condition and mental health. It is really bad he thinks he is in his teens with a different name.

  3. Glad he was found. Tim Miller is such a great man. Especially after his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He turned his grief and anger into finding missing children.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that about him. So very sad how he lost his daughter, so so cruel. I’m really happy he was able to put his heart out there to find missing loved ones. He’s a true Hero. ❤

    2. The sad part was his daughter was actually murdered. This kid wasn’t kidnapped he’s just drama and ran away

  4. It seems nothing short of a miracle for him, his family, and all else involved, and no matter what happened I hope that he can recover from this and move on with his life with peace and love.

    1. I don’t think he will. From what it sounds like they really messed him up in the head. Thinking he has a different name. Drs telling the mom to go with what he saying.

    2. I don’t think a full recovery is likely given the trauma he has been through. I’ve heard he’s catatonic.

    1. Turns out his OWN mother (if you can call her that) was keeping this kid in her basement and treating him as a s*x slave.

      This is as sickening as it gets.

    2. @sketchybehaviart well yeah that’s what the latest update was. You can search this story on Google. Just type the kid’s name.

  5. It’s so nice to see missing person’s cases solved with the missing still alive! 💜 whatever his injuries are I hope he pulls through and can resume his life!

  6. Wow…these stories are just so bitter sweet….I pray whatever trauma this unbelievably brave young man went through he will be able to resume somewhat of a life going forward…and most of all I pray with all my might that they catch whoever did this!!!! I hope Jacee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart will reach out and maybe some of the others who have been here….and maybe some words of healing and hope for him.

  7. 8 years… oh goodness, who knows what he’s been through. I’m glad he’s been found. I hope he has happiness and love for the rest of his life.

    1. 10 year olds are not infants. I was walking pets, riding bikes, skateboarding, you name it all over the place by myself at that age along with everyone else I knew.

    2. ​@Nick Bloomdepends on the laws in your locality. Where I live it’s a law that children must be 12 years and older to be permitted to walk dogs on leads.

    3. Update: He says he was at his home the entire time being sexually assaulted and drugged by his mother. He was only recently allowed to leave home after years had passed & the mom thought people wouldn’t recognize him.

  8. I hate that people go missing, but I love when they are found safe. I remember this kids picture. I’m so glad there was a good outcome to this, being that he was found safe. Anything else we can deal with together. I am glad you are alive sweetie. 💖

    1. Trust me this won’t be a blessing especially for the mother.

      Turns out his OWN mother (if you can call her that) was keeping this kid in her basement and treating him as a s*x slave.

  9. Este señor es de verdad un Ángel, después de perder a su hija, no dejo que el sufrimiento le ganara, al contrario a ayudado a muchas familias a encontrar a sus seres queridos, tal vez no siempre como los quieren encontrar, pero al final al menos saben lo qué pasó después de desaparecer ❤

    1. Well actually it won’t be a blessing for his family. Especially his mother. Afterall he never actually was “missing” his OWN mother kept him in her basement and made this kid her s*x slave.

    2. @New kid on D block wow I did not know that. Very sad. I guess that’s why he left and went missing. Let’s hope his family has changed for the better and he can heal from the past. So sad

  10. Makes me cry. Praying for more recoveries of missing children. Healing for the family and gratitude to Tim.

    1. there has been a update, he wasn’t kidnapped, he was being held hostage by his mother the entire time

    2. I have the Bible app this verse was Wednesdays verse of the day, now I’ve seen it twice in just a few days I know God is trying to bring it to my attention, I must study this verse. You’re blessed and you’re powerful – thank you!​@repentandbelieveinJesusChrist2

  11. Tim Miller is an angel of god. His dedication to the search of so mant missing people is beyond amazing. He leaves no stone unturned. Love this man. I pray this boy who is now a young man is ok.

    1. He’s not an “angel”. He’s a Human. Don’t degrade him. Instead of praying that he is OK, pray that no-one ever goes missing in the first place.


  12. It’s quite rare for someone to go missing for that long and still be found alive. Hope he recovers soon and start to learn what happened.

    1. He was never missing. His mother had been drugging him and sexually abusing him for years.
      He ran away for 2 days when he was 17, came back, and his mother lied to him and said the cops were mad at him and that he needed to stay in hiding with her or he’d go to prison.

      All his neighbors said they were shocked to learn that he was ever reported missing, because he’s been around and in all their lives for years, hanging out with their sons and cousins. His mom made him hide whenever cops would come around. The reason he was found is because he decided he was “tired of living like a slave” (his words) so he stole her credit card and dipped.

    1. Turns out his OWN mother (if you can call her that) was keeping this kid in her basement and treating him as a s*x slave.

      This is as sickening as it gets.

    1. Turns out his OWN mother (if you can call her that) was keeping this kid in her basement and treating him as a s*x slave.

      This is as sickening as it gets.

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