The Disturbing Truth Oprah Doesn’t Want You to Know About Maui’s Missing Children

In this video, Oprah Desperately Attempts To HIDE Facts Of M!ssing Kids In Maui. Oprah Winfrey is in trouble again, and this time she's trying to cover up the fact that she didn't do enough to help her missing kids in Hawaii.

This video takes a look at the investigation into Oprah's missing children in Hawaii, and how the Hollywood elite are trying to protect her. From the moment the story broke, Oprah has been trying to cover up the facts, but the truth is finally coming out. Watch this video to find out what really happened in Hawaii!

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  1. I heard one young boy whose family couldn’t get to him, was found at home in the living room cuddled with his dog. Both deceased.

  2. Were parents informed that school was being closed because of weather? Is dropping off students at home if they’re young criminal? Especially without parental notification? It’s a law that children under 12 yrs. Of age cannot be left unsupervised by an adult. Kids were bussed home. Home alone.

    1. The children from Lahaina High and the Elementary School has Transitioning Days in the 8th and The school buses were filmed in convoy LEAVING LAHAINA..
      Nearly 1000 children didn’t get taken home.. They DUSAPPEARED

    1. Don’t confuse wildfire with natural disaster. There was no lighting or lava therefore it wasn’t natural. However the fire was wild due to wind.

  3. It would warm my heart if Oprah and the Rock could be arrested for murder and land grabbing. Send them to prison for life.

  4. How many entire families are missing? dead? injured? How many corpses/remains are not counted because officials claim they have not been able to identify the remains?

  5. Where are the children? Where are the buses? We’re are the bus drivers? What do the teacher
    say about putting them on the buses?
    It’s like creepy or like
    a scary movie . The officials don’t care?
    My parents would be screaming to the media and public for
    help ????😮

    1. @Barry Thacker Yep friend. Some folks can still “:think.” A pity it is a species rarer than the Dodo. Respect from me.

  6. We all know now that this was a deliberate microwave attack on Maui. You have to look at the people who stand to gain from this attack, period, and whoever ocustrated these attacks will be found out. My heart goes out to those poor people..

    1. Tunnels under Maui.  
      BTW I haven’t heard from any parent that their kids are missing after checking the confirmed death list. Are parents really missing their kids because I haven’t heard any parent say so.

  7. Some of the victims in Maui should try contacting some of the missing people by phone or social media. Just hope for responses. Some of them may still have their phone accounts or social media accounts. Pray that someone responds. Not all HOPE is lost.

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