THEY LIED! This Did NOT Cause The Maui Massacre Fires

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THEY LIED! This Did NOT Cause The Maui Massacre Fires

Are you starting to connect the dots yet? That’s the question we need to be answering.

The media is telling all of us that the death toll will remain a mystery for some time now. It’s been three weeks now since the Maui Fire massacre and we’re all still left with the same questions. WHERE ARE THE MISSING CHILDREN? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KIDS? HOW MANY CHILDREN PERISHED?

2,000 children are missing with no answers and they keep trying to shrink that number down and minimize it without any justification. Mainstream Media Is NOT SHOWING YOU The actual terror and tragedy the Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires Victims Went Through.

As Hurricane Idalia arrived in Florida we saw residents being told to hurry and fill up their gas tanks before it arrives. Then, they alerted everyone that the gas was contaminated with diesel fuel . Diesel fuel in a regular engine means those vehicle engines will suddenly die as the people try to escape and flee the hurricanes.

Earlier this week we saw Maui County filing a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric. Now we see Hawaiian Electric blaming Maui officials for their inadequate response and even said "There was no electricity flowing through the wires in the area," That’s right! Hawaiian Electric said it had de-energized all its power lines int Maui hours before the devastating wildfires broke out.

The electric company said its power lines were turned off six hours before deadly blaze began.

We now need to take a look at who’s behind Hawaiian Electric. Taking a look at the top shareholders and once again we see Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street. What are the odds that Blackrock is not only behind the electric company but is also behind the second largest holder of land on Maui and behind the largest land grab in history that is currently taking place. Oh and also what are the odds the Blackrock owned banks on Maui were miraculously spared from the fires. Blackrock Failed to Update the Powerlines and Trim Back Trees even though there is a specific page dedicated entirely to tree trimming safety on Hawaii Electrics very own website.

Brian Deese, a former BlackRock investment executive, serves on the National Economic Council. The former chief of staff to BlackRock’s chief executive, is the top official at the Treasury Department. Formerly the global chief investment strategist at BlackRock, Michael Pyle is now the chief economic advisor to Vice President Harris. All three also worked with the Obama administration. Former Blackrock executive Eric Van Nostrand joined the US Treasury Department as well.

"For the first time in history, there has been an emergency proclamation by a Governor before there is an Emergency.

Maui Police Chief John Pelletier has resurfaced just long enough to compare the loss of Lahaina to losing a leg.

Remember this is the same guy who said this…every data point is going to be scrubbed and looked at … quote. These people are literally telling on themselves. I mean just listen to what Hawaiii Governor Josh Green said.

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