Over 2,000 children are missing in Maui following the fires. Woman speaks out about human trafficking happening in Hawaii. Is this all connected? Is this another Epstein island? Learn more here.

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  1. In retrospect and having time think about your podcast i have not nren able to sleep well about this tragedy.. I have been had been affectrd bt two major forest fire i Bastrop TX.. first time i was lucky 10 ft from my cabin the second burnt 10 acres to ashes to a moonscape.. so when i hear about this is makes me sad and miserable. We could not rebuild and i residing in Colorado 7 thousand elevation with acreage and a pond for my pet geese and making new memories…when i lived in FL as well as New England which i am from have been through major hurricanes and historic blizzards.. my faith brings me to accept that there was a bigger picture in this and i am alive as well as my pets to tell my story…God Bless you and i support you in your fight for Lahaina.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss and all you have gone through. Hope things have been going very well for you. As someone from Hawai’i, I want to thank you for your care and support for our people

    2. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that. Going through a tragedy like that once is difficult enough but twice?! 😔. My heart goes out to you.
      It’s hard to not have sleepless nights and wonder about so many things such as this. The Maui fires stirred a lot up for myself. I lost my childhood home in 08’ after a terrible winter storm blew the roof right off our little old house. We lost so much and the house had to be demolished. Happened in my last few months of college when the crash was happening and the world just felt so dark. While it’s nothing close to what happened to the people of Maui, I can truly sympathize. These are supposed to be our sanctuaries. It’s more than just “stuff” but memories and a place called home. My heart goes out to all that have dealt with something similar. Yet, I hope and pray that as so many of us experience things such as this, we can find light in that we are not alone and we can find our empathy for each other. We are truly more connected to each other more than our overlords want us to think. Stay safe! Colorado is a beautiful place to call home. 🌄 Love and light ♥️

  2. The Hawaiian Islands would be a perfect location for a new Epstein island 🤔 I stumbled opon your video. My curiosity on trying to figure out if the fire had something to do with trafficking.

    1. With every catastrophe, the elites do their best to take advantage of it. Who knows if this is really true, but all signs sure point to it 🤷🏻‍♀️. Happy to have you here! Hope you join the fam 😊

  3. Great work once again! We have always had a ton of Celebrities with property on Kaua’i, but Zuckerberg has taken the most land BY FAR. It’s absolutely disgusting if he is involved in trafficking, and bringing that filth to a place where crime is so low. We never had to worry about anything growing up, and you got these wealthy people bringing over their evil ways of living. But I’m gonna keep thanking you for having that true aloha spirit, and speaking out for all of us. Hawai’i would welcome you with open arms 🙂

    1. Aloha and thank you for your kind words. I was a little weary of posting this because I don’t want it to come off as something other than what I am trying to do which is find the truth and elevate voices that are not being heard. So thank you friend for your support. My heart continues to go out to all of you during this time.
      And I would love nothing more than to give Hawaii a big hug! 🌺 I have always wanted to visit and see it’s splendor. Love and light.

    2. @Empathic Times I responded to this earlier, idk why it’s not showing hmmm. But you always touch on this topic in a respectful way, and handle the videos beautifully. If you plan to come down to Hawai’i sometime, let me know, and I will tell you all the places to check out. Each Hawaiian island is absolutely stunning! 🙂

  4. the trafficking is just the icing on the cake and not the cause of the fires. traffickers always like to pick and exploit such situations

    1. Not sure who you are referring to. I did speed up almost all of the clips for time so that may be what’s going on.

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