Joslin Smith | Still no sign of missing Saldanha Bay girl

The search is continuing for a six-year-old girl from Saldanha Bay on the Cape West Coast, who went missing a week ago.
Joslin Smith's mother reported her missing after returning from work and couldn't find the little girl. The Grade One learner has been missing since last Monday. Police say the child was left in the care of the mother's boyfriend.

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  1. you search all over snd lazy boyfriend must know what happened to her, why don’t they get a dog to sniff the childs clothing

  2. The search needs to be expanded waaaaay beyond where Joslin lived…. One report stated that the boyfriend wasn’t home when the mom got home, and got home much later. Wth WAS he? I don’t care what is being said, I think that he knows exactly what happened to her. My opinion.

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