1. Female here. Hiked and camped alone all my life throughout the United States. Went to Olympic National Park. Became creeped out and unnerved on a trail. Saw nothing but knew I wasn’t alone. Backed down the trail with a switch blade in one hand, pepper spray in the other. What I remember the most is the complete silence of the forest except for my breathing. Never went back.

  2. People need to trust their intuition. If it feels off being somewhere leave without hesitation. It just might save your life.

    1. ​@Bob Slartibarti Some people just don’t get the wierd feelings. Like hair standing up on your arms. If your every in a very quiet forest with no wildlife their is a good chance there is a predator near by. Most likely stocking you.

    2. It’s simply worm holes that they fall through into parallel universes or sent Back in time or forward (Lucky if sent forward as you’ll be wiped and brought back safely)

  3. Thank u for sharing this, so many years ago ❤ and to this day we still are baffled from the cases that we have no answers for, I never thought I’d be put into this situation, I’ve been praying for all the families for all these years for them to get answers to there questions about what has happened to there loved ones, well SAD to say that our family was just put through this hell of filing a missing persons report and vehicle, unfortunately our uncle Tommy was nowhere to be found in 6 days ,no cell phone, because he ran out of minutes so he left it home as he normally would, but not shortly up for work at stop and shop in Beverly Massachusetts was not like Tommy his body was found across the road from the state police building in Danvers MA.. he had been missing 7days when he was found on Danvers state property in a old building, the floor had collapsed on him, how and who located him is unknown, and that’s a question we never got an answer to ,it just so happened to be on this property that once was a hospital for the insane and other labeled conditions from way back in the day ,when they thought women were nuts because of the hormone change before they got there period, can u imagine as a woman being thrown into this environment and the treatment that the handicapped persons received is horrendous, they were kept in a cage and hosed down to clean them ,that was there shower ,and the pure evilness that went on there is unspeakable ,I had a job at a place that got some of these wonderful people and my job was to deinstitutionalized these wonderful people, how to show them how to brush their teeth most of them were not able to walk it was severely disabled and mentally disabled it was horrible the stories that came out of there so Uncle Tommy mcneff may you rest in peace once again thank you for doing this show with David he’s got another book out and it’s doing great, and his threats that he’s been getting that stopped him from going to Washington for the conference, whoever these people are they’re cowards and afraid to come forward to show who they are, but David has a a lot of smart people that can find out who these people are and they will be dealt with accordingly prayers for David and his channel is Can-Am missing 411 it’s a great Channel check him out on YouTube thank you have a good day.

  4. When I was a young teenage girl I took silly risks and walked in the most unsafe isolated places which sometimes felt unsafe both in the city and wilderness. I could feel I was not alone and followed a few times but I was lucky to have the most amazing dog by my side who looked over me every single second of the day. He was the most friendliest of dogs normally but never on those walks he was always in guard dog mode without ever being trained. I got him from the shelter and he was my guardian angel for 10+ years. Once he passed I never took those risks again. Stay safe, happy and healthy out there everyone!

    1. I have a German Shepherd Sheba. She is very protective. She is really controlling. I love her. She is a beautiful girl. I do not like creepy people.

  5. I’ve never understood why people jog, walk or run through the woods with earbuds or music playing in their ears. My daughter used to walk at night with earbuds, cured that by sneaking up on her. NOT SMART, your senses are for your protection. I grew up near the Everglades, you definitely don’t go out alone.

    1. Right. I was attacked while walking with earbuds on in the middle of a nice area in a mid sized city back in 2017. And I’m a man. It can happen to anyone. Especially women.
      Good on you for teaching your daughter not to do that before some psychopath had the opportunity.

    2. @wildeyes I use Sony link buds..It’s the best to listen to music and have transparency at the same time..
      But then again, I use it in public places, I don’t jog and all..I prefer playing sports instead..

    3. Lol I’ve been walking in the woods alone whith crazy loud headphones and on shrooms for 30 years. It’s actually the safest place to do that…u can’t get hit by a car it the woods

    4. @cassandra sotos I would get a knife and an open or concealed carry. That would make me feel much safer if I were you.

  6. I was visiting my friend in rural Maine. I went for a run along the gravel road along the lake. I got this weird feeling. I stopped, took my ear buds out, listened. Silent. Started jogging again sans ear buds. I could hear leaves crunching in time with my feet. Stopped. Silent. Did this two more times and the last time, the crunching was closer but I couldn’t see ANYTHING. By now, my fight or flight kicked in and I SPRINTED the mile back to the house. I could have set a personal record. Never jogged with ear buds ever again unless I’m in the gym and don’t go out into the wild by myself anymore either.

    1. @John Doe Cool that’s one of the good guys. What if I told you there are probably creeps out there with the same skill set, but using them for evil?

    2. @John Doe Just a word to the wise. Many people imagine a kidnapper is some sicko with a fetish they can easily outsmart or out-braved, but some of them have professional backgrounds (hunters, ex-military, etc) with mental disorders.

    1. just so you know, the oregon cops do nothing usually. YOU have to do it yourself up in Oregon.

    2. @Cobainz Ladywhat about that is assuming he’s dead? do you think people aren’t affected by their family members going missing, as opposed to being confirmed dead?
      Weird thing to be gatekeeping over, lady.

  7. I’ve grown up in the deep wilderness starting from the swampland of Southern Georgia to Illinois/Indiana to the West Coast now Oregon. With all of that experience I dont get lost easily and ventured far in. I’ve ran across pretty dodgy characters living deep within the woods. I’ve ran across empty campsites that looked lived in including empty tents. I’ve been ran out of an area but to be fair I think I scared the living daylights out of him. But the fact he was there felt eery all the same. The swamps were far worse considering there were floating cabins where isolaters lived. I felt my heart drop after seeing this because I have never thought that any one of these people I have met could’ve been capable of so much worse. I haven’t ran across anyone like that here in Oregon but the Oregon wilderness is far more vast and unforgiving, and I’m a mom it would be selfish of me to risk taking that on.

    1. @Cobainz Lady quite unlikely. The only two reasons a grizzly would ever attack a human are to protect cubs or if it is desperately starving, both of which are rare to happen. Bears have little reason to be hostile to people

    2. @Fart lol bullshhht, THESE ARE BLACK BEARS. and just accidentally happening on a mama bear who has cubs, YOU ARE ALMOST GOOD AS DEAD. They can outrun you easily, climb trees, swim, etc. I almost got eaten once! mama bear was in the yard. she had eaten the dog the day or two before. By the grace of God i am alive. Wasn’t even in the woods, but near them..

    3. @Fart Wow you are out of touch with reality. Watch Bear Attacks on youtube. Get an education! those are most all grizzlies too.

    4. the feral people of the forest. There are videos here on YouTube here.
      It’s not as scary when you realize that the majority are mentally ill and most of the others are meth heads. Im sure there are some people who are fine that just don’t want to pay for a home or pay bills so they live mostly like everybody else than when its time ti sleep they go back to the woods.

  8. Guys, gals. If you have a sickening feeling or any semblance of a feeling that you’re being watched, then you’re definitely being watched. It happened to me, and I can confirm it.
    When a peeping tom was staring at me from outside my window at night, I had the same sickening feeling. And I didn’t even know I was being watched until my mother stormed outside and chased him out, then came to tell me about it while I was checking the window, not even fully knowing what happened yet. My mother caught him standing right in the spot where I felt the deafening disgusting stare was coming from, and it was pure intuition from both of us and from God for sure, because my mom also had no way of knowing that someone was out there watching me but she had a gut-feeling. The window was also pitch black so I couldn’t see anyone outside, but I felt it like a hot rod on my back. Not even fear but pure disgust. Always listen to your cautionary gut.

    1. @kmdn1 I think of this too often, it’s US, our subconscious, it’s always at work, it never sleeps,, people think you can only tap into it when you’re in deep sleep but have you ever experienced this, if you’ve had the same commute for some time.. at times you will not even remember driving, or exiting but before you know it you’re at your destination or home.. we have an auto pilot of sort/soul/subconscious I don’t know but yes not all are able to tap into it… I believe if you’re a person who is relatively healthy as in you don’t suffer from chronic pain of any sort than your senses are free to to sense but if a person is in bad shape and takes lots of meds than that inhibits their body from being able to tap into that if that makes sense.. also, the healthier you are the more effective your intuition is because many obese people are in so much pain from intestinal discomfort to aching joints and etc and that will cloud your mind

  9. Anyone want some proper answers?
    I’d highly recommended watching a series of lectures by an ex government geologist called Phil Schneider. I remember watching them in the 90s and thinking ‘wow this is so way out there’ at the time. But over 25 years later I’m convinced that Phil was telling the truth. He was one of the guys tasked with building deep underground bases for the US military. His story is a real eye opener and although I was sceptical back then I’m now 100% convinced. A few things stick out after watching the lectures again ( someone has compiled them into 2 long videos and they are on here)
    Firstly Phil was murdered early in 1996, just months after he first went public. Have a look into the inconsistencies around his death. I truly believe he was tortured and then killed by black opps. He mentioned many times that various attempts had been made on his life.
    He also described how all of the bases in America are connected by an extremely fast transportation system. He described pods that were shot at very high speeds and that there was a magnetic field that assisted the process. Sounds very familiar to HYPERLOOP doesn’t it? That was a massive red flag when Mr Musk told us of his ‘new’ invention.
    Another thing that Phil talked about was how the geologists back then were tunnelling into the rock to build these bases. Again back in the mid 90s nobody had heard anything like what he was describing. I’m not a geologist and I won’t try to describe the process. All I’ll say is that the process to basically melt the rock into powder is something that nobody was using in society and nobody had heard of it. These days it’s used by countless companies across the planet and its been public knowledge for some time now.
    Although Phil’s story is a sad one for his family and friends (and fans) it is one I have never forgotten and when the situation is right it’s a story I have told to many others.
    Like I said all of his lectures and some other old footage is on here. It was filmed in the 90s so it’s grainy and the sound isn’t great but you can hear what he’s saying ok. Please find some time to take a look.
    Phil Schneider was one of the biggest all American heros who still hasn’t properly been recognised as such. I’ll always be grateful to this man for finding the courage to tell us what is happening beneath us every day.
    Peace, happiness and truth 💙

    1. @Brenda Collins some believe that is the real reason there is a war now. Something aboyt these tunnels or bases.

    2. @Pavla L. yeah, I’ve heard that too. And this earthquake occurs over
      here or there bc it’s really the tunnels being exploded. We get a lot of info…what’s true & what’s not ?🤷🏻‍♀️ I do firmly believe in the tunnel system all over the world and believe there is really sick stuff going on down there…..some people never even seeing the light of day….whole lives spent down there😳😢☹️

    3. Hero? Are you smoking crack cocaine? Phil never offered any proof. He wasn’t murdered. He took his own life because he was a depressive who refused therapy and medicine. When no one wanted to listen to his bullshit fantasies, he felt worthless and took the easy way out

    1. @Jimmy Oryan That’s all you got to refute my comments? Despite me pointing out that it is well within the physical capability of a healthy child of that age. Clearly you never had to chase a 2-year-old down the street when they want to run off to go play.

    2. His attackers must have had a sudden change at heart and brung him to safety or said let the wilderness do off with hin

  10. Once when we were looking for a house to buy, we walked into one house and after 3 feet, I said no way and walked out. It felt like evil in my whole being. Intuition or God, I listen when I feel that feeling.
    I think some kids are left intentionally. What better way to rid yourself of a child legally. Have everyone search in the wrong place. If you’re a good liar, it could work. I’m always suspicious of these disappearances. If your child is a wanderer, why go camping in a forest? Hmm!

    1. *I am a Border Line Agnostic / BeLiever in JeHoVah GOD!!!!*
      *but as Like LincoLn, I Don’t Pray to GOD, & GOD isn’t thatffffFahg Jesus!!!!*
      *I Hate How the Atheist Owners Censor TRUTH!!!! So, I Lean to a God!!!*

    2. You believe in God (a unseeing being) but don’t believe that anything else unseen can exist in national parks? Sounds unintelligent

    3. @1-414-mil-town That is the absolute saddest and cruel thing I ever heard. I want to cry just thinking of you going through that.

  11. You should NEVER dismiss your gut feelings. It’s spot on everytime. I taught my son, listen to your very 1st thoughts about something you feel uncomfortable about. Our intuition is a guide.

    1. Yes, hiking as well as in business etc. Intuition is a wise teacher mentor we all have within us.

  12. i used to venture to abandoned places in Ontario, Canada myself all the time until one time i felt a presence that I wasn’t alone, it wasn’t until that moment i realized how vulnerable I was in these places on my own unarmed. Trust your gut, your instincts and intuition know more than we do

    1. Ya I had the same feeling hiking one day turns out I wasn’t alone a cute little chipmunk was following me

    2. @Moose’s Igloo💗 I get so frightened out at night, turns out I am being followed every time I leave the house. I wasn’t wrong with worrying, I am always followed by my shadow

    3. Same thing for me. In Ontario visiting family. I was in a sort of remote area, by myself. Only a little while into the woods and everything just went completely quiet, like a deadness in the air, and i had a feeling come over me of of being watched. That is the only time in my life that has ever happened to me and i will never forget it. It scared me, and i am someone who spends alot of time in the woods.

      I didn’t see anything, but i know something was there.

  13. My ex was there in the mountain area where Derrick supposedly got lost. He was out there scouting for a Christmas tree with our young 8 year old daughter and her friend. My ex said he NEVER SAW a young boy out there. He only saw Derricks father. It was snowing lightly out. The police never questioned my ex regarding this incident. I don’t believe Derrick was ever there. My suspicion is that his father killed him.

  14. A friend and I went hiking way back in a trail because we knew there was a lake with a little beach where we were heading to go lay out and swim. We noticed behind us that a man was following us and was obviously trying to stay far back from us and quiet. Thankfully we both started making loud threats to him talking about how crazy we were and then both pretended to be on the phone with different people informing them. This stuff is terrifying, not as scary as these situations. I read something about stairs being found unimaginably deep in national forest parks that s&r are very aware not to go near for some reason.

    1. I’m surprised you don’t know the backstory the stairs are old apparently you walk up them and down you might accidentally never come back there’s a YouTube video about firefighters being scared to go near them even when looking for children they won’t go up them some say it’s the stability that no one trust after all no one knows who made the staircases but they are everywhere in the wood. Anywho that’s all I know but all story’s got a pinch of truth to them, right?

  15. During my “middle aged crisis” I was crazy enough to try caving. It was so terrifying I cancelled out and begged one of the guys to walk me back the long hilly distance to the parking lot. Nobody would so I went myself. Once I got in the car (not mine so I couldn’t drive it) suddenly an older fellow was at the window staring and smiling at me. Not another soul around. I swallowed my fear and he talked a little nuts but not bad and finally left. Then my whole body shook for five minutes or so.

    1. I’m not gonna lie…. i was reading this expecting it to be similar to all the other “shared experience” stories in these comments about people being in legitimately scary outdoors situations…. but this wasn’t that lol, this was you freaking out about situations that probably shouldn’t have bothered you. Yes, old man approaching your car when you’re alone can be quite unnerving but when you talked with him and he turned out to not have any immediate bad intentions, then you shouldn’t have been “shaking for 5 mins” nor should you be shaking from the prospect of going caving/spelunking, which can be a very dangerous and scary activity true, esp if you’re inexperienced but it seems like you had a a group of guys with you so tbh… it kinda just sounds like you chickened out basically… in both situations lol and that there wasn’t anything actually wrong.

    2. @Sunshine Interesting perspective sunshine, and you’re probably right that my fear reaction was more about the caving itself than that older guy at the car. It just made the whole experience too nervy for me. And while there were experienced cavers with me, don’t kid yourself. There were two accidents right there, and one man fell down and hurt his back pretty bad. That particular cave seemed to have been a pretty challenging one.

    3. @Annette Genovesi damn, i feel bad now for kinda ripping on you haha, because you seem nice, and I don’t think i communicated my core message very well with that comment, what i guess i was really thinking when writing was that i wanted to encourage you (and others) to be stronger people and not cave (hah) in to fear, you know? I like seeing people tackle scary situations head on to better themselves but then also make logical decisions when there is genuine danger and risk. Like, I’m certainly not doubting you that that cave was probably dangerous and if it was too advanced for you, then you were right to not go in, so i support that. But also, I’ll say that caving is a legitimate hobby that many thousands of people enjoy entirely safely.

    4. @Sunshine Your comment was quite intelligent and thought provoking and nothing to feel bad about at all. I love “counter comments” as they make me think. And yes, caving is an amazing adventure for those who love it, and I was in awe of the people that I was with. Not for me is all. My choices were to climb up huge boulders or to climb down huge boulders and I was terrified. Everyone there was so calm and helpful; even the two who were hurt. You are no doubt an adventurous person yourself. Many happy climbs to you.

  16. I remember a firefighter once say that when children are afraid in a fire they will instinctively hide. I can imagine children lost in the woods would do the same and thus become much harder to find. How absolutely terrifying it must be for a child to be lost in the woods.

    1. I think if they’re still a toddler they’ll just walk and play, and if older due to cultural conditioning they’ll look for any adult, THIS IS DANGER because they tell every kid that adults should be trusted for help if you’re lost, but in those big unmarked woods every one/thing out there is dangerous.

    2. never thought of that but it makes sense. Especially now when parents tell their children to not talk to strangers etc etc.

  17. Me and my fiancé had a scary moment in the Corbett wma here in Florida, We camp the area frequently and I still even hunt the area but one night we set up camp at a fairly new spot to us near some water and surrounded by woods way in the back and all was just as any other night just me , her and our dog he’s a ( Chi-weenie) .. We always keep a small fire burning all night just as a way to keep some light around the camp for comfort. Around 12 or we finally made our way into the tent and not long after sleeping, around 2 or three in the morning My eyes jolt open like I was suddenly awaken by something inside me. I immediately heard heavy heavy breathing coming from the other side of my pickup truck . I barely pick my head up and see my dog looking at me shaking… ( not even barking) I pulled him close and sushed him by saying I know softly in his ear. I than whispered to my fiancé if she she was awake and she replied immediately ( yes) whispering under her breath . Just as I slid my shotgun into my grip I heard the same type of breathing coming closer to where the first thing was standing. So I knew there was two of w.e was big enough to breathe so deep that I can’t even mimic the sounds of the upper respiratory sound that I can still hear from that night. I whispered just be quiet to both my fiancé and my dog and all three of us just laid there for what seemed like 20 mins until I heard one run towards the road through the woods exceptionally fast.. The other remained there still just breathing and making little noises when the bushes would move . Still we did not get up or try to be brave. We knew it wasn’t human or anything I hunt. I figured with the way Sasquatchs they throw rocks I would be out numbered in the dark with who knows how many are really around. My plan was if something touched the tent I would just pull the trigger at that spot and figure out the charges later. But nothing did & After a while of laying there The noise just faded away & before I knew it was gone. We came out the tent right at day break to find a new path through the brush where the noises had definitely come from. It wasn’t hogs and it wasn’t deers… dam sure wasn’t human . I still hunt the area and still camp there but as a guy with experience in camping never go unarmed!!!!!!! And never play your hand early … The element of surprise may be all you have on your side. My instincts told me stay put until provoked and I am not ashamed to say I listened.

    1. Man get the hell outta here wit it was human stuff lol,,so you say bigfoot huh.I tell you this,,Woollymammoths are extinct rite,but I bet you that if 1 was to ever be spotted humans will find it and most likely shoot it,so why all these people say they had a close face to face with bf but never shot 1 even wen it was being hostile??Its rewards for them dead or alive..Every other animal gets hunted even the ones on brink of extinction.gtfoh

  18. I’m a solo hiker, when I feel like someone’s watching, its always when the forest goes quiet, its super scary but you need calm nerves to get you out of there safely. I carry my Glock, blade and pepper spray. A old Indian grandmother I ran into in Yosemite once said to me, “if the forest around you sudden goes quiet and you feel like someone is watching you, walk away or run” Yosemite has so many missing hikers too

    1. @Carrie Yaj I don’t know what it is about Yosemite, but there is a pretty inexplicable energy to that whole area. It is the same with the area around Mt. Adams and Mt. St Helens in Washington State (Crater Lake, OR as well).

      I was just up there the other day camping by myself, luckily in my truck. Not a single other person back in where I was.
      I was supposed to stay a second night, but I packed up my camp early and in a haste because I felt super uneasy, even with my .45 Super in hand. I was right in the middle of eating my dinner, and I just felt this overwhelming need to pack up and get the hell out of there. Just one of those things where you seriously feel like something is watching you. And you gotta listen to your psyche when it comes to that stuff, because it rarely lies, as you obviously know!

      I have a theory that the more substantial and chaotic magnet fields in volcanic areas seem to attract a lot of different phenomena. I mean, the St Helens area is famous for Bigfoot stuff and Mt. Adams is a lesser-known by substantial UFO hotspot.

      I think it’s super smart that you stay strapped on all of your endeavors. Knowing you’re the most dangerous thing in the woods can definitely be comforting lol.

    2. 🎯🎯🎯smart lady right here carrying a reliable Glock, blade, and pepper spray. 👍🏾and that lady who told you that is absolutely right! Stay safe hope all is well and ALWAYS carry if you’re able

    3. @Carrie Yaj wtf, y’all were surprised to be stalked by a mountain lion in mountain lion territory? This guy can’t be serious.

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