Woman Abducted at Gas Station After Yelling for Help: Cops

A man is seen throwing a woman over his shoulder and driving away with her in South Salt Lake City. 22-year-old Carl Gravitt has been arrested and booked into jail for kidnapping, assault, and other charges. Witnesses told police she asked for help from bystanders, and attempted to hide under another person’s truck. Once Gravitt picked her up, police say witnesses told them she was kicking and screaming “Help me. Please help me.” Gravitt is being held without bail. #InsideEdition


  1. Very disturbing how he let that man physically drag a small girl like that out from under his truck, and ignored her calls for help…

    1. @samatitian77 it was her bf who kidnapped her, and we don’t know what other stuff they were saying in front of him, he may have thought it was just an out of control domestic and didn’t want to put himself at risk. If you’re a widower with kids and a drugged out looking couple start fighting in front of you, would you put your kids only parent at risk? Just saying you don’t know this man’s life either, and as a young widow I can assure there is many of us out there and we do have to weigh risks like that.

  2. One time I had a guy break in my apartment and I had to push him out the front door. I screamed for help and three large men across the parking lot did nothing but one small blonde female came running and she pushed the guy backwards and helped me back into the apartment. I will never forget how brave she was.

    1. I remember living Brookyn way back.A couple was arguing on the side walk with a little baby kid And the guy was clearly intimidating the girl , I could tell something was off as I was walking towards them. two or three grown men walked right past them and acted like they didn’t see anything .By the time I got closer he was confidently beating on the woman since multiple men passed and did nothing. And then I swear their were the largest group of women that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere running across the street through traffic and some other ones ran from the other side of the road. A few of them Just ran up in between the man and the woman, one grabbed the toddler who fell on the ground during the encounter trying to protect his mother a few other girls grabbed the woman to remove her from the man and like 3 or 4 of the women just full on confronted the guy. One of the women was wearing a tank top and jeans and was JACKED af and was up in his face saying “ you wanna beat up on women , beat me” . I swear it was like a scene out of a movie . I loved seeing it.

    1. @MaxMouse she was yelling for help?! Yeah she doesn’t sound crazy, she sounds like she’s scared and she’s being kidnapped

    1. BOTH men stood by with their thumbs up their bums doing diddly squat, not even dialing 911. White SUV Guy was enjoying the show too… Stunningly useless.

    2. @Frosty You’d be wrongedy wrong wrong if you tried to say this to me… I have DAMN WELL DONE JUST THAT. Not quite this violent, but it was definitely serious and he was a foot taller than I. And there I am, with nothing but my voice and my rage. Men all around, NOT ONE did a thing to help me help the TEENAGE girl in jeopardy. They all just watched the show, like these 2 gas station cowards. Pathetic. But there’s a reason my totem animal is a badger… Guess who won that day, and who ended up in the back of a cop car? I still recall his shocked, stupid, blinking eyes, that couldn’t believe I was challenging him. He wisely didn’t touch me. If he’d laid a hand on me he would have had to knock me out cold at first blow, because if he didn’t, I would have bitten off his nose and plunged my thumbs in his eyeballs. Would not have given 2 flips if I’d blinded him for life.. A man who attacks a women is a worthless waste of skin.

    3. Lol, I tried to stop a guy from beating up his girlfriend(?), but the girl ended up stabbing me in the head with the heel of her shoe. When the cops showed up, I went to jail for assault.

  3. How truly pathetic!!!! The man she ran to didn’t lift a finger to help, nor anyone else in a full gas station!!??!?!! Disgusting. I’m a woman and if I saw this, even from across the parking lot or ACROSS THE STREET, I would’ve RAN to help!!!! And I’m a woman who obviously can’t fight a man or win a fight against one!!!! But I would do everything in my physical strength to help her get away!!!! Even if I had to get her in my car with him chasing after us!!! Believe that!!!!! This is so wrong, that poor girl🥺🥺 I hope she’s ok, mentally and physically 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏💖 I was robbed once, and the 2 attackers tried to stab me and slit my throat, and afterwards I tried to get help from a lady who was driving slowly thru the parking lot, and all she did was stop her car and stare at me!!🥺😢 I was saying ‘please help I was attacked, they broke my phone can u call the cops,’ and she just stared, waited for me to move and drove away!! Some ppl r so fkn heartless and it’s so insanely frustrating to see!!🥺😢 and no she didn’t call the cops after leaving either😔

    1. @gracie ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😁😁❣🤮😊😊🍗😎😎😁❣❣❣🙏🐟🐟🤙🤙🍺🤙🤙🍺✌✌😪😂🌮🍗🤬😎😁👌🙏🤢🐟🐟🙏🙏👎👎🤬🤙🌮😂🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. People just thought this was normal and didn’t think to stop him? Even if they were in a relationship, this is abuse. Grow some balls and get involved people.

  5. That guy is the definition of coward. To stand there and not even try to help the poor young lady while he’s carrying her away from him

    1. What an idiot standing in there looking a way Like nothing happen antoje can do anything to a woman a child on this day.

    2. @Pizza Steve your the most heartless person in the internet/world, your always welcome in h3ll

    3. She should’ve ran to a young guy, I would’ve help by letting her into my car & I still would’ve finished putting gas in.

  6. As angry as I am about this though, I think it depends on the area when it comes to bystander intervention. In my town, you could just be sitting in your car for a while and someone comes up to ask if you’re alright. I was once at CVS and a lady’s dog got loose in the parking lot….she was skittish and kept running, but there were literally 10 people running around in the lot trying to catch her. Nobody knew anybody.

  7. As a female always getting harassed at a gas station this is one of my biggest fears…. I really hope she’s OK it’s disgusting how no one bothered to help

    1. @Fate Bags reality is women get wayyyyyyyy more harrassed by men ,then men get harassed by women….like it’s almost rare

    2. @Alex Esquivel one thing about men they know when to put their own selfishness and bitterness towards women …if men is dying than women shouldn’t help right? cuz men r way more independent,strong than women & they r MEN ….

  8. it’s disgusting how the man just lets her get dragged from under his truck.those people should be ashamed

  9. I’ve dealt with multiple situations where no one intervened and I was the one to step up it’s totally disgraceful

  10. So disgusting how they just watched. I was attacked in front of a bunch of people, as I yelled for help this couple just stood and watched. When my knee snapped, I collapsed and my attacker ran. They just got in their vehicle and drove away. They were parked 2 spots from me, I will never forget how dead their faces were as I screamed for help. Our world deserves to end. Collectively most the world is evil.

    1. Welcome to feminism. Y’all wanted to be strong, independent women that don’t need men right? No incentive in helping women out when y’all hate n disrespect us already in the 1st place (:

  11. As a husband and a father of a 3 year old little girl I can tell you this is scary…..To watch something like this happen in front of a bunch of “men” and see them do nothing is hard to watch

    1. @Mr T I mean I would have intervened if I was the guy at the pump just standing there while she was being taken away. I have 4 girls and I’m a healthy white, 125lb, 5’6″ woman. I would have ran after him and tackled him from the back side that would cause the least amount of damage to her as she fell from his grasp but make it apparent to him that she had at least someone on her side.

    2. It’s one of the most disgusting things that has happened to our society. When men get treated like dirt for “toxic masculinity”, what did we think the results were gonna be? That’s kinda the point, not having men in their God given roles will help us quicken this path to destruction we’re on. But Happy Monday! 😂

  12. Wow, the guy standing by his truck is an absolute garbage person. He’s as bad as the guy who grabbed her. That poor woman must have felt completely hopeless at that point. 😢

    1. @emrys Sure buddy, I also forgot the average bloke at a gas station filling up his truck is expected to be a trained fighter who can disarm and subdue random criminals whilst keeping themselves safe from harm.

    2. One day my friend’s grandfather tried to help a girl who asked for help when she was arguing with her boyfriend. The guy beat the grandfather to death, and this couple fled the scene. Terrible to help…

    3. my thoughts exactly dear sophie. here she is: screaming for help, she is being hit- and then you have this guy, just whistling his favorite song and casually watches LITERALLY this person SCREAMING FOR HELP.
      he is a POS and i hope he gets to feel her pain one day.

    1. @Blue Flash you’re right, next time I see a woman getting brutally assaulted I’m just going to assume she’s a sex offender and leave (sarcasm)

  13. I remember being a child with my brothers in a parking lot with my mom when nobody helped her but everyone starred no problem as she got beat on

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