Lahaina Community IMPACT| MAUI FIRES & Missing Children ALL ABOUT FUNDING for the Hawaii Dept of ED?

Lahaina Community IMPACT| MAUI FIRES & Missing Children ALL ABOUT FUNDING for the Hawaii Dept of ED?

Down the Rabbit Hole News exposes the Maui Leaders and handling of this disaster.
Maui Missing Children| Update on Maui Fires searches | Teachers Pressured to Go Back to Work!
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides updates on this tragedy of the Maui fires and missing children.
Maui Lahaina fires| TEACHERS TO RETURN TO WORK? Children STILL MISSING from Lahaina! Where are they?
Maui Lahaina fires| Missing Kids Teachers leads efforts to remember the kids of Lahaina
Maui Lahaina fires| Teachers from Elementary School give interview| Where are the children?
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides commentary to this tragedy
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  1. Did they load them on school buses…..FEMA and shelter in place for school shootings here in the states have done drills in the past that they loaded up buses and took them to unknown locations and their parents couldn’t find out or pick them up. This is a very important question to answer!!

    1. In the event this is what occurred (and it would be a blessing if so), why have the children not been returned?
      They KNOW everyone is asking and believing the children are missing!
      If the children are being held, at what point would it be considered kidnapping for not returning them?

    2. All community and media discussions of “where are the children” have been squashed so the (few) natives who survived are left to speculate. The most obvious answer is that both the parents and children perished. There are no parents (at least publicized) out there shouting “where are my children?” The silence is deafening.

    3. @Constance Adcock that assumes the people in Lahaina don’t have extended family that would be shouting “where are my family members.?” Given how close the community is, and most of the recent speculation I have heard on this subject has come from people whose homes were not in the burn zone, I am starting to believe this is a sensational headline driven by social media and the press. There likely may be a few more unidentified children, but I don’t think there are hundreds of missing children as people are trying to suggest.

  2. Thanks for pumping out content even with your sniffles! I’m starting to lean away from the “consp!ricy” angle and more towards the disorganized angle. Unpopular opinion: I do think getting kids back in school (whatever that looks like) is a good thing. Give the parents some time to problem solve and gives the kids a sense of routine and normalcy. Plus they will be able to do a better count of the students. Maybe I’m in the minority here

    1. 5 years ago, in August 2018 there were fires in Lahania. The sirens did NOT go off and there was NO water.
      I watched a city council meeting from that incident. Citizens were very upset. Rightly so. The council said they would take care of it.
      BUT . . . then the same thing happens 5 years later in August 8, 2023. Same issues PLUS many more. City Council DROPPED the ball, too. It wasn’t fixed. Deaths occurred.

    2. Do you believe everything that could have alerted islanders of the dangers all failed at the same time? No sirens, no cell warnings, no water, all gov’t officials off site attending conferences, etc. etc. Too many failures to be coincidental.

    3. @Constance Adcock as someone who was in Hawaii when the nuclear missile alert went off accidentally… I believe it’s just incompetence and complacency. Everything in Hawaii gets taken care of on island time, to their benefit or detriment

  3. Also keep in mind that there is only 1 road the bus can take, if the road closes kids could be stuck far from home

  4. People are so close here…I don’t know what kids and teachers will do sitting in class realizing that so many of thier classmates are dead. 😢 it’s not going to be good.

  5. I see the department of education & the teachers concern more of a conscientious effort to locate them, to find if they are safe.

  6. They need to be focused on all survivors having a safe place to live. School just started, being behind a few months isn’t a big deal. Them wanting money from attendance mights sense.
    Hope u feel better 🐇

  7. Hawaii has said there is more to come on the emergency alerts, and it will be released soon. They plan to create easy to understand messaging about what to do when sirens go off and market it in a way that even tourists will know what to do… in other words, they are going to announce soon that they are using them for many more reasons. It will be one standard policy across the entire state.

  8. Someone commented on another thread that parents know they can’t enroll their kids until a school solution is met that the parents are happy with. School funding is their only leverage right now. From my understanding from listening to news clips, parents want their kids back in school with their friends, they just want that to be on the west side. I get it. If I were a Lahaina parent, I would want them back in school because the routine and familiar faces would be good for the children’s mental health in all this disruption that kids are living in right now.

  9. Always question that is the only way to get answers and make others squirm. The truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged. Hmmm

  10. Missing children? If hundreds of children from from school died, where are all the grieving parents who were at work? I haven’t seen ONE video of parents claiming their children are STILL missing..

    1. @pfwag
      I’m confused about that too.
      Maybe there is a gag order.
      Still, that wouldn’t stop me..
      Very odd

  11. Thank you for sharing this, I know this is very difficult, I hope you get your rest and get better first and then continue health is president over researching. 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  12. My friend was in Waihikuli till 7pm and no sirens and no phone alerts. Lahaina was well on fire and ranging towards Waihikuli by 5pm. Waihikuli burned to the ground.

  13. The Census was a mail in paper. On the northeast side of island, we had MAJOR issues with getting our mail, as well with the recipients getting what we mailed on island 🏝️

  14. Does anyone know of any Maui parent personally whose child is still missing?
    I am asking because this is insane. Like the woman on the video said, the numbers don’t add up.
    How can our country, even on island time, be so irresponsible as to not have an accurate count of missing CHILDREN?
    God for bid, if I was one of those parents, there would be nothing to keep me off social media to do anything to spread awareness.

    1. Did you hear the official comment from the school dept. saying their roles showed a full 2,000 children missing…… 2,000!

    2. Ya I am trying to substantiate claims and all I hear is “I’m not sure”, “as far as I know” and other poor journalism

  15. I don’t know what’s going on with the children over. I do know this; Hawaii is the CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING CAPITAL of the United States. I know this because my twelve-year-old niece was born in Hawaii AND SHE CAME UP MISSING. We searched for her for months. We eventually found out the she has been sold into the sex trade industry by a family member. We call the police and told them that we know the person that sold her into slavery. The police attitude was so nonchalant about it.They did not take a written statement, they did not file a report, they did not ask for evidence. We came to find out later that it’s a well-known secret about the child sex trade industry and it is actually considered a tourist attraction for rich American men like the Jeffrey Epstein type. It brings in millions of dollars to the Islands. I hope they find those children. . .😢

    1. I am incredibly sorry to you and your family have been put through that, really makes light of how corrupt the government is on all levels.

  16. Absolutely breaks my heart to think of anyone being burned to death. May they find peace. 🙏 🙏 🙏
    Gov officials have blood on their hands.

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