1. Why aren’t the people of maui being put in hotels at the government’s expense. They are paying for hotels for illegal border crossers in NYC and Chicago. This is wrong!!!!

    1. This is so true. They feed and house illegal immigrants but not our own citizens suffering from mass government error. Just makes it look that much more international.

    1. Yes , the enemy is in the Government. If this was fire was intentional , then I say , the perpetrators are Cowards

    2. Not just in our government…they’re our neighbors, coworkers, peers, maybe even family & friends, they are the people that we are supposed to trust to educate, heal & protect us & our loved ones, people like teachers, daycare workers, social workers, foster care & nursing home providers, adoption agencies, physicians, nurses, law enforcement, firefighters, military, security, judges, cooks, pastors, priests, etc., our children are no longer safe at school, daycare, playgrounds, malls, on school buses, in sports or in scouts, not even in their own homes & yards. Wicked people are creating these disasters…there are arsonist/terrorists & henchmen going around harming people…& there are trolls attacking anyone who states what is in front of everyone’s eyes, & people stalking, harassing, threatening, hurting & permanently silencing anyone who speaks the truth.

  2. Only the most evil and heartless people could blame you for being emotional about what is going on! No need for you to apologize. I’m in the mid-west and cry every time I hear or read of the human loss, and the loss of loyal pets. I’m also horrified to think of how this tragedy came about. My heart goes out to you and all the others suffering through this.

    1. Beautiful song, please make a sound track because we need to remember forever of the losses that are gone.

  3. If the citizens of Hawaii don’t rise up and recall the governor and mayor things will never change. There is no excuse for this loss of life and property!

    1. THE ONLY WAY THAT HAPPENS IS PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! And NOBODY wants to do that because they’re
      Scared they will get in
      Trouble but I think god will be more mad that good people let evil people do evil things without fighting them! My wife keeps telling me we’re supposed to trust god and let him fight but I have a strong desire to fight I think it’s right but I don’t have $ I’m on work comp so do I do that and make a difference. I feel stuck

    2. @Bryon BustillosViolence never is the answer. Jesus never used violence, and He is our perfect example. Your wife is right. God knows it all, and I believe He is right on the verge of exposing and dealing with it all. We have to keep our eyes on Him, not our anger.

    3. It’s impossible for most of us to do that because we are on different islands than the government. I’m on the big island. A lot of people are poor, working 2 or 3 jobs just to survive. We have mostly rural communities on our island. Same for the other islands. Honolulu is the only big city. Airfare and hotels are outrageously expensive in Honolulu. Taxis and food too. It’s not within reason to expect the people to rise up and fly to Oahu to protest. Besides, God is still in control!

  4. It’s a sin of the worst kind to allow the evil demons, that orchestrated this genocide, to get away with what they have done to Maui’s children.

  5. I appreciate your thoughts and time. I get the feeling that you haven’t accepted that this wasn’t gross negligent … this was planned…this was on purpose. The perfect crime if you will. That guy you want to talk to in Maui the realtor review all of his videos and there is another guy that is reporting just the facts and lists them….the town was set up perfectly by mother nature and it was the window of opportunity for evil people to get what they wanted….so they jumped on the window of opportunity because it would be easily put on mother nature. Where they messed up is by blocking the roads to get out. And now they won’t let anyone into the burn site. hiding something.

    1. Eric West YT channel is Hawaii Real Estate 🙏🏼 families of Maui, survivors telling their stories and hours and hours of video footage that Eric, his son, and his friend went in on dirt bikes taking after the fire, before the blockades went up not allowing people to go back on their land.

    2. Eric is also a good place to go and find out how to help these destitute people directly. I know we are all living through hard times but something as small as a $10 donation is helpful. Please give if at all possible its pretty obvious the government isn’t going to. Can you believe they (the government) is taking donations straight out of the residents hands that havent gone through the proper government channels. See Eric and his videos on how to donate and share his message to get the word out God Bless

  6. It’s no big secret that the world’s majority feels like this was planned, orchestrated negligence. Light & love to all who are suffering. ☀️❤️

  7. Fema and other officials are staying in 5-star hotels while in Maui; while the people had no place to go. About the missing, some think the parents are also missing because there are no parents looking for missing children. Many things about this reminds me of Paradise and there have been other events on the mainland that shows similarities to these events we just don’t recognize it. Thank you for sharing what happened and am so sorry bc so few people know about these things. We, the people in this country, need to be aware of what is happening. I so appreciate your video, am so relieved to find someone who really cares and I believe only God/Jesus can save us from the evil in this world. Thank you and God bless.

    1. I watched a video of an arborist who has studied the Paradise fire and Lahaina fires and the similarities are uncanny. Metal burned to ash not carbon. Trees not burned. Plastic garbage bins not melted. None of it adds up to normal fires. It adds up to microwave directed at these places.

  8. Mr. Jenkins, you are not a nobody, you are somebody. And we are all praying For the people of Maui..

  9. Steven, I admire your courage. May GOD and the Angels protect you and your family. Your efforts are being honored all over the world as we all have been feeling the pain and suffering of not knowing where the children are. Praise GOD for the amazing human that you are. Blessings and Safety!

  10. My heart goes out to all the people of Maui. May we find out the true reasons for this horrific event and find the lost children. I pray for the children to be found. All my love from Norway.
    🙏 🙏🙏🙏

  11. When you mentioned school buses I thought OMGosh! My theory is the government used buses to run through neighborhoods collecting all the children. The children could smell the fire, no cell service ( so they couldn’t call anyone to verify anything ), they would naturally be afraid and here comes the buses to take them to their parents, not! Meantime, the parents are trapped/misguided by the police or working. By the time the fire was out, I think most parents are dead and the children are long gone. Many people were not allowed to go to their homes due to police presence and barricades! I know this sounds crazy but it would have been easy. If they had the children telling them where their nearby friends lived and even sent the kids to the door, they could have cleared the neighborhood easily and quickly. This was basically one school. If the children went to other schools, the children would still know which houses had children and they would have boarded the buses as well. This is just my theory.

    I believe this is just another 911! An inside job!
    The only problem is where are the aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins? Somebody has to know something! I 100% believe this was our government. Concocted to steal land and/or children!
    I love this country but there are a lot of evil/sick people running it!

  12. Steve, after you said that some of the school buses have shown up missing, the horror of the possible reality that these eletes may have taken many children and did not intend to deliver them to their homes… Knowing that they intended to burn their homes… I cry out for God to Give us Wisdom, to help the children and the families that are still alive, and the children who are in undisclossed locations by these evil pedophiles and murderers.

    1. I believe Ophra had something to do with all the children missing! Someone should have checked her properly and ships leaving the port

  13. I am from Canada and I’m so sad with everything that’s happened. I’m praying for Maui. Bless them all 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

  14. i’m looking forward to the video of what the parents are saying. there’s something very weird about over 2000 missing children. where are all the parents as well. we can’t let this get swept under the rug. there’s way more going on that what you seem to be aware of my friend. my heart hurts for you and all of maui. YOU are the first person that shared a story about the kids – thank you for that. this ATROCITY is certainly a holocaust and nothing else. Keep speaking up my friend, you are deeply appreciated.

    1. Tell this government to go to hell, this is so sick. I am sorry will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

  15. The 14 year old boy hugging his dog in ash will forever stand in my memory. God Bless the people of Maui to find their way back home.

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