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Abducted: Kidnapped and Brutalized – Today is Chris McMahon’s wedding day, until masked kidnappers brutally take him by force and throw him in the back of a van. On his terrifying journey he will be gagged, beaten and accused of a murder he committed as a child, an allegation he vehemently denies. The Vigilantes transport Chris to an abandoned warehouse where they film the interrogation – Chris insists this is a simple case of mistaken identity. Tension rises as the kidnappers reveal they have also kidnapped and traumatized Chris’s fiance in an attempt to force a confession. How far will they go and is he truly guilty of the crimes of which he is accused? A nerve shattering suspense drama like no other, the UK's Bryant Bros. dish out a single take indie masterpiece.
2011. Stars: John Bocelli, David Bryant, Bradley Cole
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  1. at least this makes you think…..what would you do if people knew about your dark past?….not bad film

  2. Thanks MC forThis Interesting Movie💯 We Enjoyed it👍Glad his girlfriend found out & the Parents of the girl had their say without a Judge present👌I wouldn’t marry him now either😲😱 Great Movie MC👌 4/4/22👏👏🇺🇸5:30pm🌞

  3. I did enjoy that, what a really good movie. The story was different than usual & believable too. I loved the way it was all filmed in one single take with no cuts….that’s not easy to do so very well done to the actors & all involed .
    Thanks again M C 👍

  4. Ngl the camera man needs to be hired for something. That steadiness is impressive

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