Maui Residents BLAME Oprah For MISSING CHILDREN During Maui Fires

Maui Residents BLAME Oprah For MISSING CHILDREN During Maui Fires
As the devastating fires rage on in Maui, a growing group of residents has begun to voice concerns over the expansive landholdings of celebrities on the island, with Oprah Winfrey's name rising to the forefront of discussions. While there is no direct evidence connecting Oprah to the current crisis, some locals have voiced concerns about large estates possibly complicating evacuation routes and emergency response times.
One distressed resident shared, "It's not about placing blame on Oprah directly for missing persons. But when such vast properties and lands are held by individuals, it might impact the broader community during emergencies."

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Supporters of Oprah were quick to defend the media mogul, highlighting her past contributions to the Maui community and asserting that linking her name to the missing individuals without evidence is unwarranted.
As the local community grapples with the tragedy of the fires and searches for their loved ones, authorities urge residents to focus on supporting each other rather than placing blame without basis.
In the wake of recent speculations connecting Oprah Winfrey to the tragic events surrounding the Maui fires, the renowned media personality and philanthropist took to her social media platforms to address the concerns.
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  1. All these demons will soon reap what they sow. Jesus is coming back quickly they run, but they can’t hide!. 💯🙏🏼

  2. If this is true then this is outrageous. I have no idea what to think but it’s definitely not looking good in her favor.

    1. I can’t tell you how heartfelt and sincere I am when I say I’m glad to have had a positive acquaintance with all of you 💗💐

  3. If you are not a native Hawaiian, you shouldnt live on the islands or own buisnesses there. I fully support hawiians taking back their land.

    1. Yes, and the damn homo-sapiens need to get off of the Cro-Magnon’s land too – it’s just disgraceful! We should roll everything back to the way it was when the Earth was formed! Who’s with me?

    2. By that thinking everyone should move back to their state of birth. What about the people who are not Hawaiian, by your thinking, that were born there? What are they, say if they are white? Oh wait thats right they are native, wait f9r 8t, Hawaiian. 0res8dent Obama is native hawaiian since he was born there but he is african american.

    1. What facts can you provide to support this claim. Where’s the evidence, proof and data of your claim. Time to put down the bottle and climb out of the rabbit hole….

    1. I can’t tell you how heartfelt and sincere I am when I say I’m glad to have had a positive acquaintance with all of you 💗💐

    2. ⁠@Keanu Reeves: I just don’t understand why people need to go down the rabbit hole, instead of just educating themselves.

  4. What would anyone do with that much land. Speculate ?
    Can’t help but remember that fiasco of hers in Africa and the orphanage. Hmmm😕

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