Joslin Smith | ‘Children more likely to be abducted, harmed by someone they know’: Joan Van Niekerk

It's been a week since six-year-old Joslin Smith went missing from her home in Saldanha Bay. Joslin Smith's mother reported her missing after she returned from work and couldn't find the little girl. Police say the child was left in the care of the mother's boyfriend. An integrated police task team, community members and several organisations are involved in the ongoing search. For more now we are joined by Child Rights activist, Joan Van Niekerk.

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  1. The suspect is more likely the boyfriend of the mother. SAPS must question this dude, my gut feel is that he has something to do with Joslins disappearance.

  2. Joslin Mother trusted the Boyfriend so she should know what Happened,This Community look like a Very Disadvantaged Poor People where Crime is high but never Reported

  3. The Missing Persons NPO’s are under funded, if funded that is. After 10 years in serve of missing children/persons for SA Community Crime Watch Missing Persons I eventually were forced to resign due to the lack of funding. If funded they can achieve so much more.

  4. Many parents/ guardians / caregivers are grossly neglectful with watching their kids. Even during festive season at the beach, the ways kids go missing is crazy.

  5. Get a sniffer dog to go into that house because something i think happened in that house!…the dog will definately find something….and i think shes not in saldahna bay anymore she in another place somewhere..😢😢😢😢

  6. Dangerous to put your childs care in the posseion of biyfriends boyfriends are not aload to stay together its sin

  7. Kellys fingers and nails looks like she has digging in the ground ask her where did she work by who did she work the whole day

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