The Missing Children [FNAF/VHS]

Alright so this is a project that I probably spent my most time on for one of these types of videos so far.

Also for no copyright issues:

I just wanted to go on ahead and say that I do not own any of these cosmetics in the animation as they all came from the Steam Workshop for Source Filmmaker. I also do not own any of the music. I used SFM to make this video.

The music used is:

Talking in your sleep by The Romantics

Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop

Toreador March music box

Grandfather's clock by Burl Ives but slowed down and edited

Teddy bear likes to dance by Frank Luther but the Battington edited version

The news video is a scene from the FNAF Movie Security Footage

Commercial audio at beginning is from the FNAF Movie

Again most of this video was inspired by the FNAF Movie but with a twist and also for no copyright issues all cosmetics are from the SFM Steam Workshop and I do not own any of the music.

All rights of Five Nights At Freddy's Movie goes to Blumhouse, Universal, and Scott Cawthon

All rights of Five Nights At Freddy's goes to Scott Cawthon

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